This Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth couple costume was a hit at last year’s Halloween party! they consisted mostly from item we currently owned so the made castle pretty basic to placed together. Dog’s costume was consisted of of black color jeans and boots, a black reduced off shirt, and a black vest. The accessories for … check out more

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This Halloween 2013 mine boyfriend and I were invite to a white rubbish themed Halloween party. Us knew anyone there would certainly be dressed increase alike, overalls, pregnant women with many babies, cigarettes, rotten teeth. For the last 4 years we have dressed up favor pirates, think Pirates of the Caribbean. Us rent our costumes from … review more


Halloween 2012- ours Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth pair Halloween Costume were simple easy homemade costumes and we got some an excellent laughs! saw the neighborhood Halloween save to find some the the things required to complete the look- yet everything else was at residence stuff we just turned into the look. My husband is … read more


We uncovered out critical minute that we would be going to a Halloween party in ~ a neighborhood bar. My boyfriend agreed to dress up yet I didnt want to take it him too far outside his comfort zone because that his very first Halloween dress up and also so thought who better than DOG! i trimmed a blond wig … review more


This super sized Beth and also Dog the Bounty Hunter pair Halloween costume all began with left over fake boobs from last year’s costume, so I built upon that. I had to asking myself who has large boobs and also would be super funny to portray…….Dog and also his mam Beth! Perfect! The find was on for the rest of the … review more


My husband and also I went together Dog the Bounty Hunter and also Beth pair costume critical year, not because we LOVE the show, but since it’s difficult to find decent, wearable costumes for bigger people. Mine husband went as Dog (obviously). Since he’s a 2XL, us couldn’t usage (and didn’t really want to use) the save … review more

At the time, we were searching for a couples costume the was relevant and would it is in as lot fun placing together as wearing. So we went in our costume left-overs to shot to obtain inspired. The idea started with the Beth wig. It to be left end from one 80’s party whereby I was Dee Snider. … check out more

Our costumes to be the fight of the party and everyone love them! Dog’s costume was purchased offline as a “kit” and we amped the up with a feather extension in his hair and also an under armor shirt under the vest. Beth’s costume was produced from scratch. I bought a blonde wig, a black skirt and … review more

These Homemade Dog and Beth Chapman Costumes were fun costumes. I actually gained the idea indigenous this website. We began by purchasing our wigs at Walmart and our regional Halloween store. Climate we went to a thrift keep to gain my level black dress and a vest for DOG. I should also mention the a … read more

My husband is a vast Dog the Bounty Hunter fan and he thought that would certainly be a great idea for a costume. Ns went along and also decided us would carry out a pair costume and I would certainly be Beth. Everybody love our Homemade Dog the Bounty Hunter and also Beth Chapman Costumes and definitely to be the fight … read more

Here is me (Beth) and my partner (dog) in our Homemade Dog and also Beth Chapman couple Costume at the party in our home. People loved the costume and we had fun.

Well we never ever dress up, so us figured we would certainly dress increase in Homemade Dog the Bounty Hunter and also Beth Costumes. Just wore black color clothes and bought a blonde mam for me and also the mullet mam for my husband. The beads I produced my husband’s costume come from Wal-mart, simply made 2 to go … read more

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