“Does Zantac help with gas and bloating?”, is a very common question amongst people who could have to be led to think that Zantac is a cure-all because that all species of cradle problems.

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While the is certainly true that Zantac is a type of medications used come treat typical digestive issues, including but not limited to, gastroesophageal reflux condition (GERD), it is actually more of an mountain reducer. This means that it’s good if you have actually heart burn and acid reflux. But, when you have actually gas and you feel bloated, Zantac wouldn’t really help much. Instead, you’re walk to need something else, like, for example, Gas X or Beano.

You see, one of the key reasons why she gassy and also farting a many is due to the fact that your intestines are absent the enzymes crucial to fully breakdown a particular form of food. Together a result, the by-product of the food the wasn’t totally broken down is expelled by her body in the type of gas.

What medications such together Gas-X and also Beano perform is the they temporarily include these stated enzymes to her intestine. This way, when you eat food, favor beans, because that example, your stomach will be maybe to malfunction the bean better, and also there’ll be less gas by-product.

What Is Zantac For?

Zantac, otherwise well-known via its share name, ranitidine, is a form of dental drug the belongs to a team referred to together histamine-2 blockers. Ranitidine is often taken orally and also works through limiting and blocking the lot of acid manufacturing by acid-producing cells within the stomach.

As mentioned earlier, Zantac is regularly used to treat GERD, and also other comparable conditions where the stomach acid is, for part reason, climb up and also causing you to have actually heartburn. In addition to GERD, Zantac is additionally used come treat miscellaneous other conditions. This contains ulcers in both the stomach and intestines. Zantac is also great for when you have an upset stomach and also for other hypersecretory conditions, like Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.

How deserve to I reduce Gas and Bloating?

While Zantac go not aid with gas and also bloating, over there are other things the can help make you feeling relieved.

For example, if you room constantly enduring from extreme gas, you may want to take a look at the food the you eat. Maintaining a food diary and taking note of as soon as you feel gassy or bloated the most can assist you find out i beg your pardon food item you may want to avoid. Also, drinking before meals and also eating at a much slower speed can aid you digest your food better, reducing any acid byproducts that can result into gas.

Other habits such as smoking, drinking v a straw, and also chewing gum have actually all additionally been proven to bring about gas by filling her stomach with air.

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But, if too much gas has end up being a persistent problem for months already, or if it’s severe enough to be causing pain, you may want to consult her doctor. If it may still become harmless, too much bloating and also gas have the right to be a authorize of a an ext serious condition.