Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares" whirlwind Australian romance may be finished, at least according come The day-to-day Telegraph and Page Six. The Telegraph broke the news that their separation on April 20, and also Page 6 reached out to Efron"s publicist. The rep declined to comment.

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Valladares and also Efron dated for 10 months. In April 2021, E! gained rare information on the two"s relationship, with a source telling the outlet the Valladares “quit her job so she deserve to have the adaptability to travel with him.”

Multiple outlets reported before E!"s report that Efron has been home searching in Australia, prepared to permanently commit to the country. His connection with Valladares was seemingly part of the reason the once-California-based actor hope to make the large move.

Efron was an initial linked come the 25-year-old model in July 2020, return she was not explained as his girlfriend initially. For what it"s worth, Efron had kept his life in Australia private up till he to be photographed in Byron only in July. People reported in January 2021 that the two have been "romantically linked" because June 2020.

In September 2020, lock publicly confirmed their romance, holding hands in photos the Daily mail ran that them during a Byron just outing. The gesture came soon after the pair was spotted enjoying a ski vacation with each other in Thredbo, as acquired by the Herald Sun.


Ahead, here"s what us know around Valladares, what she “serious” partnership with Efron to be like, and the 33rd date of birth party she planned for him.

Efron and also Valladares dated for 10 months prior to their separation was reported, however this isn"t the an initial breakup report come emerge.

Efron and Valladares have actually kept your romance private, never ever commenting on it themselves. Yet on April 20, 2021, The everyday Telegraph and Page Six reported the Valladares and also Efron finished their 10-month relationship. They were last photographed with each other at the end of March. Efron"s rep decreased to comment and confirm or refuse the report.

But a false breakup report circulated in November 2020. The sun reported then that the couple ended things after five months that dating. Its source claimed, "Once he chose to continue to be in Australia long term, he argued they buy their very first home. They"d started to look in ~ a few places but, sadly, fate wasn"t on your side. Zac"s work and also the ­­enforced distance has really take away its toll. Friends expect they can reunite, yet it seems their connection was more like a vacation romance than they cared to admit.

One main later, Efron and Valladares to be photographed out together, publicly confirming they were still dating, and also The Sun"s reporting was false. The two have actually not commented on the brand-new April 2021 breakup report yet.

She"s a model and also waitress.

As reported by People and the Daily Mail, Efron met Valladares if she was wait tables at Byron Bay"s general Store café. Back in June, locals saw Efron hanging out at in ~ café—a sign that the two knew each other for months before they were photographed in September holding hands.

The Daily letter claimed in September the Valladares has actually quit her task at the restaurant and also is one "aspiring model." A few professional shots from her career show up on her Instagram. Valladares appears to have modeled because that Australian labels Love St and Spell.

She lived through Efron.

Things between Efron and Valladares relocated fast. Three months after meeting in June, the Daily letter reported Valladares had moved in v Efron at his Belongil beach home, which he to be renting. Their an initial outing together a pair was earlier in July, when photos showed the pair getting here from a ski trip at Ballina airport. In September, they were viewed grabbing brunch in ~ a beachside restaurant in Lennox Head, Australia. And also they mutual their first bit the PDA as they hosted hands outside of The farm restaurant.

"Zac met Ness previously in the summer. They started hanging out in July and recently take it a ski pilgrimage together," a resource told People of the brand-new relationship in September. "You can tell that they are having actually fun. She spends a lot of time at this house."

Another source told People in October the Valladares moved in with Efron. "Their connection is really serious," that resource said. "Vanessa stays with Zac in Byron Bay."

Efron"s last low-key partnership was with his Neighbors co-star Halston Sage. Us Weekly reported that the pair was things at the begin of 2020 after rumors of your romance first emerged in 2014. A source said at the moment that they "are in a significant relationship and also in love. They spent the holidays together, with part of the time in Santa Barbara." yet it shows up that connection didn"t make the move with Efron come Australia. Prior to Sage, he"s been linked to Olympian sarah Bro, actress Alexandra Daddario, and, that course, his High institution Musical love attention Vanessa Hudgens.


By January 2021, Efron and Valladares" connection remained serious and also happy—but no yet marriage-bound.

People got an upgrade from a source about just how things are between the two. "They space not engaged but seem really happy," the source said, adding that Efron really wants to "make a life for himself" in Australia. "He keeps looking at properties," the resource said.

In in march 2021, day-to-day Mail reported that Efron is to plan to carry Valladares come Canada with him together he movies a new project.

In yet another sign of just how serious Efron and also Valladares" relationship has become, Daily mail sparked rumors that Efron could be taking his girlfriend with him as he works in Canada this spring. A "well-placed source" called the outlet the Efron is because of shoot Firestarter, a movie adaptation that the Stephen King novel, in May. The filming will supposedly be eight mainly long, follow to Daily Mail, and Valladares and also Efron will return to Australia after.

The news comes after Efron and also Valladares were photographed together in Melbourne on in march 22. Efron has been shooting season 2 of his Netflix display Down to planet With Zac Efron in Australia.

She stop her project to travel through Efron.

E! ran a substantive upgrade on the couple"s connection on April 1, 2021. A resource close to Efron told the outlet the the two began dating last summer, and also Valladares has actually really included a lot to Efron"s life. Notably, the outlet"s resource revealed the Valladares battered her project to be closer come Efron.

As the source explained, “He"s very happy being v Vanessa and living in Australia. It"s readjusted his life for the better. They started dating in July and have been together since. Castle love to travel locally and also are very adventurous. Castle love skiing, surfing and hanging out v both his and also her friends. They invest a many time outdoors just chilling. She quit her project so she deserve to have the adaptability to travel v him. They space on the same web page with that and it"s functioning out because that them.”

She has actually a public Instagram—but isn"t complying with Efron.

Valladares, that has around 90.4k Instagram followers, hasn"t unable to do "gram main with Efron. In fact, the pair isn"t even following each various other on the platform nor liking every other"s posts. Valladares hasn"t post on her Instagram because July 30, 2020.

Efron, meanwhile, recently mutual an Instagram of himself living in a caravan as he shoots his upcoming thriller Gold. "Home sweet home. Thanks,
lotus_caravans 🤙#setlife #goldmovie," he composed on February 2. It to be a very rare look in ~ his life in Australia.

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