If you"ve check out our blog before, you know that we like to obtain real.

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And acquiring real way we prize the inquiries that us know world are reasoning (or Googling) but may not want to in reality say out loud.

So, let"s talk around it.

"I"m 8 month pregnant and my vagina (and/or vulva) is so exceptionally swollen. Why?!?"

Every person and every pregnant is really different. We all experience various symptoms the pregnancy- but this is one the is no as unusual as you might think. It"s simply not discussed really often.But then come PNW Doulas... And we comment on everything.


"It felt choose there was a hot dog between my legs."

Swelling in pregnant isn"t just for your ankles. One of the causes of swelling shows up to it is in the raised blood supply during pregnancy. V the amount of blood already working it"s means through her nether-regions, 50% much more seems like it has actually the potential to cause some trouble.


"You understand those fish that puff up once they"re scared? The swelling came on therefore suddenly!"

What happens throughout your very first pregnancy isn"t always true because that your next pregnancy. The muscles roughly your vulva area might be a little weaker or much more stretched with subsequent pregnancies- allowing much more swelling to take place. (And the thought of sex while the swollen may sound a little like a type of torture.)


"The circulation to be so bad that my lady bits rotate a dark red/purple."

Varicose veins aren"t simply for legs. During pregnancy, the combination of extra weight from her uterus, hormones, and greater blood volume deserve to lead to vulvar varicose veins. Research shows that wake up to about 10% that women. (In other words- you"re much from alone in the swollen hoo-ha issue.)

Some comfort principles for your swollen va-jay-jay:

Support apparel - to hold things up.

Ice - to reduce swelling and stop the "it"s gonna explode" feeling.

Lay down with your feet increase - to minimize blood flow to the area.

Sleep v a pillow between your foot - to enable for much better circulation.

Change location frequently.

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As always, if you feel that something is not right (or various other symptoms accompany the swelling), please contact your clinical provider. You recognize your body the very best.

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