Sneezing is her nose’s involuntary solution to a sleep irritation. Legacies abound worrying sneezing, and also many are rooted in social beliefs about the power of a sneeze. “God bless you,” for example, may have actually originated v the id that your spirit left her body once you sneezed and also that angry spirits could enter unless a blessing to be bestowed ~ above you. Or, that your heart quit momentarily throughout a sneeze, basically killing you for an instant, therefore you necessary to be blessed.

One rational explanation because that the exaggerated attention paid towards sneezing comes from the 6th century, when the Black afflict killed half the population of Europe. Sneezing was a symptom of the condition and was perceived as a sign of impeding death. Civilization thus began to speak “bless you” in hopes that the sneezer would not succumb come the infection, or, some say, as a last blessing.

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Because sneezing is a usual phenomenon and also rarely harmful, little research has been carried out to demystify the sneezing experience. However, observational evidence, anecdotes, and a few studies provide insight into some usual beliefs about sneezing.

Your heart Stops Beating once You Sneeze

Although it might seem that your heart takes a break during a sneeze, this is actually not the case. As soon as you an initial inhale before sneezing, the pressure in your chest increases. Then, together you exhale forcefully throughout the sneeze the push drops. Alterations in blood flow to your heart developed by these pressure transforms can influence the heart rate. However, the electrical task in the heart marches on unimpeded–you remain very much alive throughout her sneeze!

It Is impossible to store Your eyes Open during a Sneeze

Because most people’s herbal reflex is to close your eyes once they sneeze, it is a common belief that blinking if sneezing is necessary. In fact, the nerves that go to her eyes and also nose are closely connected, and stimulating one might conceivably create a solution in the other. However, there is no real reason the your eyes need to be shut when you space sneezing, and some world are actually qualified of maintaining their eyes open during a sneeze.

If You do Keep your Eyes Open throughout a Sneeze, They will Pop the end of her Head

Not true. The couple of people who have the right to naturally save their eyes open up while sneezing regulate to save them firmly inside your head. Also, holding her eyes open up with her fingers when you sneeze has not been reported to cause serious eye problems. Many importantly, over there is no physics mechanism connected in a sneeze that might make your eyes pop out. When blood press behind the eyes may rise slightly throughout a sneeze, this small, brief force is nowhere near sufficient to dislodge them from their boney sockets. This is a great thing, since your eyelids would most likely be incapable of holding her eyeballs in if a sneeze was actually strong enough come dislodge them.

Sneezing After having Sex can Prevent Pregnancy

This is just one of the numerous myths about preventing pregnancy. The concept behind the sneezing idea is the if a sneeze is powerful enough to shoot mucus the end of one’s nose, it need to be solid enough come expel the semen indigenous a woman’s vagina after sex-related intercourse. However, although some semen might be expelled ~ a very powerful sneeze, even the many outrageous sneezing fit wouldn’t eliminate enough semen to carry out reliable contraception.

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Looking in ~ Bright Lights have the right to Make Some civilization Sneeze

According come one study, approximately 30% of human being suffer indigenous so-called “photic sneezing” prompted by looking at a glowing light. The solution seems to be acquired rather than inherited, and for most human being it is no a continuous phenomenon (they i will not ~ sneeze every time lock look at the sun). The reason of photic sneezing is tho unknown, however some researchers speculate that bright irradiate triggers the nerves connected in sneezing through stimulating the retina or pupil, or by leading to the human to squint. In susceptible people, together stimulation the cross the nerve signal that usually induce a sneeze. Photic sneezing can’t hurt you, and it might actually assist when you feeling a sneeze coming on and also want to get it over with!

Holding In a Sneeze Can damage Your Hearing

When you sneeze, the air the you expel is approximated to be traveling at roughly 100 miles per hour. Make the efforts to host in such a solid force (by pinching your nose, for example) pushes the air into the Eustachian tube, i beg your pardon connects come the middle ear and eardrum. Redirecting a sneeze choose so might theoretically an outcome in a ruptured eardrum and loss of hearing, which would certainly be intended to settle as long as the practice isn’t repeated. This is various than holding back an brewing sneeze from arising in the first place, for which over there is no known connected harm.


Although plenty of superstitions associate sneezing with danger or even death, sneezing is just a herbal reflex, lot like itching and also tearing. Many of the rumors around sneezing room not true. Your heart does not stop, civilization can sneeze with their eye open, and also pregnancies can and do occur regardless of a sexually energetic sneezer’s ideal efforts. Over there is at least one valuable truth to be found among all these sneezing myths: as soon as you perform it yes no turning back. If you block a sneeze, you may not have the ability to hear your lot deserved “God bless you.”


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