Yolanda Foster, influential celebrity on the reality show Real Housewives the Beverly Hills, to be diagnosed with Lyme an illness in 2012. Till this year, the diagnoses of her two children Bella and Anwar Hadid had been retained from the general public eye.

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After being honored at the global Lyme Alliance Gala in brand-new York City beforehand October, Yolanda announced to the crowd that her 2 youngest children were also diagnosed with Lyme and also had been enduring in silence for the previous three years.

The heart-wrenching speech revealed the truth star’s true battle with the condition and the chronic symptoms the tick-born disease produces.

During she announcement, Yolanda proclaims, “When my two youngest children, Bella (18) and also Anwar (16), to be diagnosed with chronic Lyme condition in early on 2012, watching mine babies battle in quiet in order to assistance me in my journey, struck the deepest main point of hopelessness inside of me.”


The ache Symptoms

Many who suffer from Lyme and have been left either untreated or misdiagnosed feel the exact same hopelessness Yolanda Foster attested to during her speech. The frustration of taking care of pain the is perceived to be imagined or exaggeration is incredibly common, especially with situations that have been left undiagnosed because that years top top end.

On and also off fatigue, mind fog, muscle aches, and various neurological symptoms have the right to be every attributed to Lyme disease. The limit is so vast and differed from person to human that the an illness is often misdiagnosed.

Even after diagnosis, Yolanda proclaimed on she blog earlier this year the she can no much longer “read, write, or also watch TV.” Antibiotic treatments space not always an end-all cure to Lyme disease. Numerous patients relapse and suffer symptom on and also off because that years ~ diagnosis and treatment.

Yolanda Foster’s War against Lyme

Yolanda Foster has actually joined the ranks of other impacted celebrities in the fight versus Lyme disease. Publically, she vowed to her children that she would fight to find a cure. Yolanda no alone. Like numerous Lyme sufferers, she has learned the the disease is far much more common than statistically perceived. Yolanda and also her family members must endure the debilitating impacts of Lyme while she looks for a cure.

After Yolanda’s youngsters moved out of their lavish Malibu mansion, Yolanda and also husband David Foster have actually recently determined to sell the dream residence in an initiative to focus on her recovery. Together Yolanda and also her two children continue to experience the symptom of Lyme, castle are forced to alter their method of living in order to recover. Regardless of diagnosis and treatment, Yolanda and her household are continually taking care of the long-term effects of Lyme condition as they seek out a cure.

Dealing v a Chronic Lyme an illness Infection

When and if Lyme sufferers are finally diagnosed, they room directed to take antibiotics every day because that at the very least two to 4 weeks. If diagnosed an extremely early on, antibiotics deserve to be effective and rid the body of the bacterial infection. But, in reality, most patients room diagnosed years after initial infection and they space suffering native a spectrum that symptoms as result of the prevalence of the epidemic and impact it has on various other bodily systems. In these cases, it commonly takes antibiotics to add a considerable Lyme disease treatment regimen to relieve the symptoms of Lyme disease.

The LifeWorks Lyme disease Treatment Protocol

At LifeWorks well-being Center, we approach Lyme an illness from the within out utilizing an alternative treatment protocol. Antibiotics, particularly if supplied for a long period of time, produce an imbalance in the gut. The an excellent bacteria that defend the digestive device are eliminated off by antibiotics and this leaves your immune mechanism open because that a revival of Lyme and other infections.

With ozone therapy, super load oxygen (O3) is administered via Biophoton treatment & UVBI treatment. Through oxygenating the blood, you are providing your human body the armor it demands to fight off the bacteria holistically. Low oxygen levels are repetitively tied come chronic diseases such together high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, and also even cancer.

Our Lyme therapy Works

Many patients have actually tried everything under the sunlight to cure their Lyme disease. Yet, therapy after treatment, patients space left through painful symptoms and wasted money and also time. Based on many patient reports, LifeWorks Wellness center is frequently their last prevent on the roadway to a irreversible handling.

Patients who have undergone our distinct treatment protocol have testified to its effectiveness. We treat the an illness by not only attacking it directly but also by drastically improving the body defenses, eliminating an additional infections, infusing the body v targeted IV’s and also through the use of target nutritional therapies. Together a result, us can acquire a remission of symptoms and also recovery that health.

Book an Appointment with a Lyme Specialist

At LifeWorks health Center, we strive to boost the high quality of your life v holistic healing. We believe that the body demands to be treated v the utmost care, and our natural and also holistic treatment and also approach protects and also strengthens the human body so the it has actually the method to defeat a Lyme Infection. We are confident that our state-of-the-art Lyme condition protocol will help.

If you doubt you room suffering native Lyme disease, we can aid you.

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