Alprazolam (also well-known by the brand name Xanax) is a drug in a team of drugs called benzodiazepines. Alprazolam and also other benzos space prescribed come treat anxiety disorders together as panic disorder, social tension disorder, and also generalized anxiety disorder.

They job-related by slowing the production of details messages in the mind and central nervous system. This messages would certainly normally cause feelings that anxiety, so alprazolam has a quiet effect. However, lessened anxiety isn’t the only influence alprazolam has actually on brain and body, and use comes v side effects.

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Alprazolam’s side Effects

Any use comes with potential next effects. The an ext a drug is used, and the much more it is misused, the more likely side results become.

Some alprazolam side effects include the following:
TalkativenessDifficulty concentratingNauseaConstipation
Weight changesDifficulty urinatingJoint pain

Any benzodiazepine deserve to also impact your energy levels and also cause drowsiness or sleepiness. In ~ the very same time, these drugs might be impacting your ability to gain quality sleep and also contributing come sleep disturbances such together sleep terrors.

What space Sleep Terrors?

Sleep terror are likewise known as night terrors. They room not the same thing as nightmares. Night terrors are episodes that fear, screaming and flailing i beg your pardon take place while asleep. Someone who experiences a nightmare wakes increase from the dream and also can remember details, however a person who has a sleep terror episode stays asleep and also may not remember anything upon waking.

According to the mayo Clinic, a human experiencing a sleep terror may do the following:
Sit increase in bedScream and shoutKick and also thrashSweat and breathe heavily
Cannot be wokenBe inconsolableSleepwalkBehave violently1

Sleep terrors are most common during childhood, but lots of adults endure them too.

What causes Sleep Terrors?

In adulthood, sleep terror may result from the usage of particular drugs. Levodopa, reserpine, beta blockers and antidepressants can cause sleep terrors. In turn, sleep terror may result in adults acquisition drugs like alprazolam to aid them sleep much more deeply or peacefully. However, if these drugs space misused, they can make the difficulty worse.

Psychiatry MMC explains that sleep behavior disorders are, “commonly associated with withdrawal from alcohol, benzodiazepines, and also barbiturates, and also with the management of part psychiatric medications.”2 Withdrawing indigenous addictive substances favor alprazolam, other benzos and alcohol may cause sleep terrors. Tap the money can additionally cause depression, seizures, hallucinations, and also psychosis.

Individuals dependency on alprazolam may uncover themselves facing new or worsening fears even when awake—but this fears are quickly treated and also calmed with skilled help. Medical and mental health experts make sure anyone recovering indigenous addiction, sleep disorders, and also other co-occurring psychological health problems find a safe, peaceful and restful recovery.

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Get assist For her Alprazolam Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling v an addiction to alprazolam, we can help. Speak to Black be afflicted with Lodge in ~ 706-914-2327, and also talk with one of our compassionate admissions counselors. We understand the strength alprazolam, and the desire for a an excellent night’s sleep, can have on your life. We’ll help you determine the finest treatment options for your unique situation. Speak to us today and also start top top the road of recovery.