A team effort! Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s coparenting relationship “definitely there is no changed” while raising their 7-year-old son, Sebastian, between the coronavirus pandemic.

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“We’ve always been really great at coparenting,” the model, 36, solely told Us Weekly ~ above Tuesday, October 6, while cultivating her OnlyFans debut. “Even if you technically still have feelings because that that human being maybe appropriate after the breakup, it’s not around your feelings, that not around what they’re law in their an individual life, it’s around the kids. Wiz and also I, we talked around that very early on.”

She and also the rapper, 33, were together for 3 years prior to their 2014 divorce. The Pennsylvania indigenous is now dating Alexander “A.E.” Edwards, and also the pair welcomed their baby boy, Slash, now 11 months, in October 2019.


is really cool through Alex,” increased told Us. “I’m an extremely close to his girlfriend, Aimee <Aguilar>. If ns can’t gain Wiz ~ above the phone call if he’s in studio or something, I always call Aimee and also she’ll placed me top top FaceTime through Sebastian. It’s simply cool. You simply gotta let all the bulls–t go and also make the kids happy.”

She walk on come tell Us that Edwards, 34, and also the Grammy nominee “both coached Sebastian’s baseball team” before the coronavirus pandemic.

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While Rose has been dating the Def Jams executive due to the fact that 2018, she isn’t sure she ever before wants “to it is in legally married again,” explaining, “We live together, we intend on being together forever, we have actually a child together, he’s Sebastian’s stepdad regardless of paperwork. When you really, genuinely love someone and also have a family members with them, paperwork and lawyers simply complicate things. … he’s my husband in mine mind.”

The pair are enjoying their at an early stage days v Slash, that is close come walking. As for Sebastian, “he’s the best big brother ever,” increased gushed. “He start his Zoom class at 8:45 and he’s like, ‘Mom, please set the alarm because that 6:00 for this reason I have the right to play v Slash before I gain ready because that school and eat breakfast and also stuff. I desire to play v my brother.’ … He just loves him so much.”


While quarantining, Edwards has been acting together Rose’s “creative director” for she OnlyFans content. “He supports me 100 percent, and also he loves me,” she told Us. “He’s my ideal friend.”

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