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The Governor of the State that Wisconsin is an elected constitutional officer, the head the the executive branch and the highest state office in Wisconsin. The governor is popularly chosen every 4 years by a plurality and also has no term limit.

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Wisconsin has a separated government wherein neither party holds a trifecta. The autonomous Party controls the office that governor, when the Republican Party controls both chambers of the state legislature.

Wisconsin has a autonomous triplex. The democratic Party controls the workplaces of governor, secretary the state, and attorney general.

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Current officer

The 46th and current governor is Tony Evers, a Democrat elected in 2018.<2>


The state constitution addresses the office the the governor in write-up V, the executive Department.

Under short article V, section I:

The executive strength shall be vested in a governor...


State Executives


Wisconsin state government organizational chart

Wisconsin elects governors in the midterm elections, the is, even years that room not presidential choice years. Because that Wisconsin, 2018, 2022, 2026, 2030 and also 2034 space all gubernatorial election years. Legally, the gubernatorial inauguration is always set for the very first Monday in the January adhering to an election.

The governor of Wisconsin is chosen in a direct election—the candidate through the most votes i do not care governor. In the event that two candidates receive an equal variety of votes i m sorry is greater than that obtained by any type of other candidate, the members of the state legislative vote in between the two at their next session.


Under the initial Wisconsin Constitution, governors were elected for a ax of 2 years; in 1967, the constitution to be amended to rise the hatchet of office to four years, beginning with the governor elected in the 1970 election. Over there is no border to the number of terms a governor may hold.

Term limits

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Wisconsin governors do not face any kind of term limits.


The governor may be removed from office with an impeachment psychological or with a recall election.

Four governors have resigned for assorted reasons, and none have actually been gotten rid of from office v impeachment.

However, Arthur MacArthur, Sr., who, as lieutenant governor, came to be governor top top the resignation of william Barstow, was eliminated after the Wisconsin can be fried Court ruled that Barstow"s foe in the election, Coles Bashford, to be the election"s legitimate winner. Bashford at first won by 157 votes and also was later found to have forged choice returns native non-existent precincts.

Recall see also: says with gubernatorial recall provisions

Recall elections are governed under article XIII, ar 12 that the Wisconsin Constitution.

All elected officers space subject to recall, after the an initial year of your term, by filing a petition with the same officer who accepts the nominating petition because that the office in question. Because that example, together nominating petitions for statewide office are filed through the Secretary the State, the petition to recall a statewide officer would also be filed v the Secretary the State.

The petition must have valid signatures equal to 25% the the votes cast for the governor in the city, county, or municipality i m sorry the targeted incumbent represents. Together the governor is a statewide office, the petition threshold is 25% of every votes actors for branch in the last election.

Currently, the number would be 540,208, or 25% the 2,160,832, the complete ballots cast in the 2010 gubernatorial race.

If the petition is valid, the submit officer must call a recall election for the Tuesday of the 6th week after ~ the petition is filed. If that Tuesday is a legit holiday, the recall election is hosted the following day.

An incumbent under recall hold his or her office and also carries the end the duties until the results of the recall space declared. Uneven a recalled incumbent declines to run within ten job of the recall choice being called, the incumbent is assumed to have claimed for the race.

For a partisan office, such together the governor, a recall primary is held for each party legally entitled to a separate ballot. If a recall main is called, it is top top the same date as the recall primary.

If the recall fails, the incumbent might not be recalled again for the remainder that his or her term.

Impeachment view also: Gubernatorial impeachment procedures

Impeachments that civil policemans are governed under article VII, ar 1 the the Wisconsin Constitution.

An impeachment attempt is carried out by the Wisconsin State Assembly, if a majority of the members agree come the impeachment. A governor may also choose to resign indigenous office.

The court that impeachment because that a polite officer is the Wisconsin State Senate, a super majority of whose members have to agree to impeach. Prior to the impeachment begins, every Senator need to take one oath that impartiality.

Though the Lieutenant branch of Wisconsin is Constitutionally the chairman of the Senate, she or he may not act together an officer of the court as soon as the officer gift impeached is the governor.

If the Senate walk impeach, the punishment might not extend beyond removal indigenous office and also disqualification to hold any type of other office, honor, or profit in the state. However, one impeached officer may still be liable to indictment, trial, and punishment according to law.

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Partisan composition

The chart below shows the partisan composition of the Office the the branch of Wisconsin from 1992 come 2013.



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