Fans that Duck Dynasty will be excited to learn that stars native the A&E Network fact show, Willie and also Korie Robertson, are launching a brand-new Facebook Watch collection called At home with the Robertsons

With one April 5, 2021 premiere date, the series will see Willie and Korie inviting celebrity guest to have open discussions top top culturally separating topics — and also in the first installment, they'll discuss adopting their biracial son, will certainly Robertson Jr.

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The new Facebook Watch series features two episodes premiering every week.

Each Monday, will attribute celebrity guests for ethical conversations and outdoor Louisiana-style activities. Then on Thursdays, Willie and Korie will join together with other members of the Robertson household to talk about Monday's episode topic and also share what castle learned.


"Each episode features open conversations, come learn new perspectives and find common ground ~ above culturally separating topics," a news release around the collection explains.

Some the the guests and also topics viewers will watch on At home with the Robertsons include: Tim and Demi Tebow on abstinence and getting married young; Nate Boyer, Mike Thomas, and Arian Foster on kneeling for the anthem; and Hannah Brown on pageants and also the objectification of women in media, in addition to topics such as COVID-19, raising Black young in America, and also veganism.

Willie and Korie Robertson tackled racism and also raising a biracial kid on 'At home with the Robertsons.'

For the premiere main of At house with the Robertsons, Love and also Hip Hop's Yandy and also Mendeecees Harris met with Korie and also Willie to talk about racism and also raising a black color son, who was embraced at 5 weeks old. Will certainly (whom the family calls "Little Will") additionally shared his experiences farming up in a white family.

In a clip native the episode, which was exclusively revealed to front of its waiting date, Korie common reactions she acquired after adopting a biracial child. Watch the clip below.

"I remember mine grandmother had a girlfriend who's black that expressed come her that she felt favor white civilization shouldn't embrace Black kids," Korie explained. "I think she simply felt choose Black world should embrace Black people and white world should take on white people. However I just think that's so ... That's no helpful."


To that, Willie added, "Actually, whereby it came up to be Korie and I to be interested in adopting, and so they said, 'Well it'll be a couple of years, friend know, there's people on the list — uneven you're open to adopting biracial. Those room the hardest ones come place right here in the South.' and also we were like no, we're entirely fine through that."

"That's crazy," Korie added, of their reaction to that tidbit of info at the time.


Willie additional reflected on raising a Black kid in a different At residence with the Robertson sneak peek.

"I assumption: v the protector in me would always want to defend them from something happening come them or said to castle just due to the fact that of the shade of their skin and what people think out of ignorance or hate," that shared.

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Watch brand-new episodes that At house with the Robertsons on Mondays and Thursdays via facebook Watch beginning on April 5.

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