About Us

In 1921, our founder, Billy Ingram turned $700 and also one an easy idea — “happy employees do happy customers” — into one of America’s an excellent success stories. Virtually a century has actually passed due to the fact that the first White castle restaurant opened up in Wichita, Kansas. A many has changed since then. Today, practically 10,000 team members happily produce memorable moments, by sharing our world-famous Sliders through a country of Cravers, from practically 400 White Castles throughout the country.

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But much has actually stayed the same. At White Castle, our firm and our society are and also aim constantly to be:




Proud recipients of the civilization Report ideal Practices compensation (multiple years), recognizing remarkable performance amongst member restaurant companies




Dedicated to enhancing the locations where we live, work and also serve through pledging our time and talents to make a distinction in the stays of others


Team Member-Friendly

Doing whatever we have the right to to help our team members prosper personally and also professionally, including resources like our castle Shares Relief Program and also the Ingram-White lock Team Member Scholarship

What’s it favor to occupational at White Castle?

In a word — unique Craveable. Okay, that’s 2 words; but just like our renowned Sliders, work at White Castle store our team members coming back for an ext too. Once it pertains to memorable dining moments, and also rewarding, fun gendergeek.org, there yes, really is no ar else favor this.

Join our team. You’ll easily discover:

We understand customers by name, and laugh frequently with ours teams. It’s one of our agency values: Customer Focused.

You need to be to offer billions of delicious Sliders. As one of our firm values, we contact it Responsiveness. Us welcome the challenge, bringing high energy and also enthusiasm come every job in ours Castles, and to producing memorable moments for our guests.

The Ingram family founded White castle in 1921 and also still own it today. We most likely served her grandparents’ parents. Accountability is key to achieve this kind of longevity, which is why that a agency value.

Our teams take part in countless special events and community activities, on their very own time, for reasons that feed your souls. Remaining Healthy & Energetic, another of our values, contributes come the fun we have on the job. Once you sign up with our team, you’ll easily learn that continuing to be emotionally invested in ours communities and physically giving back is a huge part of that we are. Each year, every region in our Restaurant department also support a team to its neighborhood Walk now for Autism Speaks, an organization White castle supports nationally. And our lock Shares program offers support for numerous other ar initiatives as well.

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Hungry, if friend will. Currently that’s a firm value that works together with our vision that Feeding the Souls of Craver Generations Everywhere! practically 25% of our team members, including our executives who began out steam-grilling Sliders, have actually at the very least 10 year of service. And also our team members have some an excellent success stories too!

We’ve constantly known the prestige of providing our team members good benefits and training. It’s the best means to construct their futures, and also ours – and also it’s simply the best thing come do.

Our special blend that people, products and background keep guests and team members alike desire the White lock experience. Once you join our Humble Family, one more value we hold dear, you’ll see why the Crave is a an effective thing. Join our team today!

Job Opportunities

When what girlfriend Crave is a task that combines good, moral work with several of the most fun-loving world you’ll uncover anywhere, just White castle hits the spot!

We’re America’s very first fast-food hamburger chain — with almost a century of organization to a nation of Cravers. Yet we’re no satisfied v an outstanding past. We’ve got our eye top top an even tastier future, and we want you to be component of it. White castle is always looking because that passionate, customer-crazy civilization to join our groups in these areas: