When it involves fast food burgess showdowns, Wendy"s is less regularly featured than the McDonald"s-Burger King rivalry that"s almost as old as quick food itself. Yet hidden in the shadows is the third largest burger franchise and saturday largest restaurant chain in the country. And with more than 6,000 locations throughout the U.S. And Canada, it more than likely won"t be difficult to find a Baconator when the the atmosphere strikes. 

Of course, you"re not simply confined come a burger and fries once you hit the Wendy"s drive-thru. Lot like its greatest counterparts, Wendy"s has actually a whole slate the chicken offerings ~ above its menu. The oldest and most iconic space Wendy"s famous chicken nuggets, which have actually been a food selection staple because that decades. And many speak they rival, if not beat out, the nuggets native their rapid food competitors (via Thrillist). But how lot do you yes, really know about those nuggets you"re chowing down on? save scrolling to uncover out the untold reality of Wendy"s famous chicken nuggets.

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Wendy"s boasts on its website the its chicken nuggets room made with "100% white-meat chicken breaded come crispy perfection." While the statement sounds really nice, it"s cleverly deceptive. That"s because it doesn"t in reality clarify how much chicken is in every nugget, even as that does confirm that those nuggets are made up of bread and also meat.

While Wendy"s isn"t offering up their specific methods and rations for making their nuggets, us can shot and calculation their composition, thanks to the internet and some hungry data analysts. Follow to info collected on the data science platform, Kaggle, Wendy"s chicken nuggets are only about 37% chicken (as explained by Medium"s start It Up, which broke down the data set). The other approximately two-thirds that the nugget consists of breading and also fat.

It"s worth noting that Wendy"s is certainly not the only fast food chain to come under scrutiny over how much chicken is in the chicken nuggets. And it"s no to say the this truth makes those nuggets any kind of less delicious. Yet you may too know what you"re eating, which is a lot less chicken 보다 you might think.

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Here"s a little secret — if you know exactly how to stimulate the appropriate way, you deserve to save money top top every solitary Wendy"s chicken nugget you ever before eat. Let united state explain. Wendy"s provides customers three various sizes that chicken nuggets, depending upon how big of a desire you"re having. However, counterintuitively come what you could expect, the cost per nugget in reality goes increase if girlfriend order in greater quantities. Numerous sleuthy customers on Reddit have settled the math to number this out. Therefore basically, if girlfriend order more nuggets in smaller sized quantities, you"ll always be conserving yourself some money. 

We also looked at a local Wendy"s menu to check the theory out, and it held true: A four-piece nugget order is priced in ~ $0.99, i m sorry comes the end to about $0.25 every nugget. The ratio stays the exact same for the six-piece, which is priced in ~ $1.49. Yet when friend order the 10-piece nuggets in ~ $4.69, the price every nugget almost doubles come $0.47. So technically, you might get a dozen nuggets (in the kind of 2 six-piece orders) for around $3, which is much less money than a solitary 10-piece order. And also if you"re really smart, you might get a built in discount on her 10-piece by simply ordering a four-piece and also a six-piece with each other for just under $2.50. We"re not sure if Wendy"s has recorded on to their pricing trouble yet, so keep this under wraps.

There"s no doubt that Wendy"s chicken nuggets hold a special location in numerous people"s hearts. The love operation so deep, in fact, the those nuggets assisted break an every time Twitter record. The all started with one guy"s major craving because that Wendy"s nuggets. Yet he didn"t want to fight the journey thru — he wanted it all.

In 2017, Carter Wilkerson tweeted in ~ Wendy"s "Yo Wendy"s how countless retweets for a year of totally free chicken nuggets?." The agency shot earlier with a cool "18 million." for this reason Wilkerson turned come Wendy"s lovers throughout the web to help him reach his goal. And while he dropped woefully quick (we watch you Wendy"s) that did control to rest the every time document for most retweeted tweet, follow to Guinness people Records. And also as a reward, Wendy"s did give Wilkerson complimentary chicken nuggets for a year. 

Unfortunately, Wilkerson shed his record-holding title to a Japanese billionaire in 2019, however his nuggets tweet still ranks together the 3rd most retweeted Twitter article of all time (via Market Watch).

While Wendy"s cases to proud itself on utilizing real, fresh, and high quality ingredients in every one of its food, over there is an ext than meets the eye once it comes to the label, and Wendy"s chicken nuggets are no exception. A peek at the ingredient list shows that Wendy"s supplies at the very least one additive in the nuggets, in the kind of salt aluminum phosphate. Follow to Healthline, this additive offered in quick food and other processed foodstuffs for a range of purposes, including thickening, leavening, and as a preservative.

While salt phosphates have actually been "generally well-known as safe" for consumption by the FDA, the doesn"t mean they don"t come with an unfavorable health effects. The American love Association (AHA) reported on a UT Southwestern Medical center study that connected phosphate additives, like the persons you find in Wendy"s nuggets, to reduced physical activity and an ext sedentary habits. And overtime, this have the right to lead to increased risk for cancer and other diseases, and mortality. The AHA also listed that "previous studies have linked higher phosphate intake to a greater risk the cardiovascular an illness and death, specifically in human being with kidney disease."

We"re guessing you"re no hitting increase Wendy"s a lot of if you"re worried around your waistline, but for the benefits of transparency, it"s worth understanding what you"re soaking up when friend chow down on Wendy"s chicken nuggets. Together expected, castle aren"t doing not have in fat and calories. A only six-piece nugget order includes 270 calories, and also 17 grams of fat, including 3.5 grams of saturated fat. There"s additionally 570 grams the sodium. Go for the ten-piece instead and also you"re looking at 450 calorie and nearly 30 grams of fat. And this is all before adding on her fries, soda, and also dipping sauce. 

But it"s no all negative news. Wendy"s chicken nuggets also happen to be a an excellent source of protein, through 15 grams in a six-piece order. The nuggets will likewise give girlfriend a tiny nutrient rise in the type of potassium, iron, and also vitamin C (via Fooducate).

We"ll preface this by speak this is very disturbing, and likewise probably i can not qualify to be happening across the board. Yet apparently there"s a chance your Wendy"s chicken nuggets could come v a small plastic chemistry coating. One Reddit user whose ex-wife functioned at a Wendy"s, cases that sometimes laziness got in the way of food safety, writing "when lock were about to fry a new batch of chicken nuggets, the various other employees would simply dip the bottom that the plastic bag right into the fryer so the it would certainly melt and the nuggets would fall out." This is a pretty big deal for apparent reasons, however mostly due to the fact that consuming plastics deserve to cause selection of danger health impacts ranging native indigestion to chronic conditions to cancer (via Ecology Center). And it"s definitely worth noting that there"s nothing to indicate this was much more than an diverted incident.

In the years that they"ve been on the menu, the chicken nugget recipe at Wendy"s seemingly has actually not changed. However, some customers case to notification something different about the nuggets in recent years, and if friend think as well hard about it, it may arouse your suspicions. 

One Reddit user states they "remember Wendy"s nuggets being distinctive in the they to be always really tender and also succulent" yet lamented that an ext recently the "nuggets were tough." An apparent Wendy"s employee agreed with the post, composing "our nuggets used to awesome! Now even fresh they taste odd." In another Reddit post, someone claimed Wendy"s nuggets are smaller than they provided to be, with someone else including that they are "not together juicy, and also the breading is thinner." Unfortunately, Wendy"s has actually not proved these claims, for this reason you"ll just have to go get some nuggets and decide because that yourself.

Wendy's chicken nuggets are taken into consideration by plenty of to be some of the ideal fast food nuggets you can get

You"ve got a lot of alternatives out there once it pertains to fast food chicken nuggets. But according come many, Wendy"s nuggets are few of the finest you can get. The folks in ~ Eater taste-tested nuggets indigenous nine different popular chains and ranked Wendy"s as the best of castle all, stating quite simply, the "these space America"s ideal chicken nuggets." 

They aren"t the just ones with high prayer for Wendy"s chicken nuggets. Serious Eats ranked Wendy"s as the ideal traditional nuggets the end there. They additional made the ranking in popular music Sugar (both spicy and regular) for your "consistent crunch," and also according come the civilization of Reddit, Wendy"s nuggets are certainly superior come McDonald"s chicken McNuggets. And Business Insider agreed. ~ comparing chicken nuggets in ~ Wendy"s, burger King, and also McDonald"s, castle concluded the "the chicken nuggets in ~ Wendy"s won out through their crispy coating, juicy chicken, and balanced flavor."

Wendy"s introduced a spicy variation of your chicken nuggets come the menu in 2010, and also they quickly became a struggle (via Forbes). So lot so, it"s discuss if castle are more beloved than the classic version. Yet here"s the thing — their future on the Wendy"s food selection isn"t certain. Wendy"s has actually taken them far from us before. That knows if they"ll do it again?

Wendy"s spicy chicken nuggets first disappeared abruptly in 2017. Fans were no happy, and also Wendy"s noticed. After 2 years of no hope pleas and angry tweets from hungry customers, it to be a Twitter article from chance the Rapper the finally lugged spicy nuggets earlier to the food selection in 2019. Wendy"s responded by difficult nugget pan on twitter to like their tweet 2 million times. Which lock did. Maybe Wendy"s forgot what lock learned from Carter Wilkerson. 

Wendy"s spicy chicken nuggets remain on the menu today. However some customers have actually noticed the native "limited time offering" in commercials and advertisements (via Reddit). Might also go obtain some ideal now just to it is in safe...

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Wendy"s chicken nuggets won"t price you a totality lot, especially if you understand the smart way to order them, together we described earlier in this list. However if you save your eye peeled, you"re most likely to find an even far better deal to conserve on your nuggets, because Wendy"s commonly seems to function their chicken nuggets in various promos and also deals. 

For instance, periodically Wendy"s might offer cost-free chicken nuggets in ~ its drive-thrus for a whole day, choose it walk in 2020 (via Business Insider). Other times, they"ll offer a complimentary 10-piece when you stimulate something with the app, like they did last September and then again in in march (via Delish). Look the end for the "2 for $5" deal, and get double the nuggets, or a sandwich to go follow me for just 5 bucks (via Thrillist). And sometimes Wendy"s will also let you spread the love. In the early days that the COVID-19 pandemic, Wendy"s available a deal letting customers send totally free nuggets come a friend.