When a dollar food selection changes, civilization peace is interrupted, families are left hungry, and also loyalties room lost, leaving civilization to mourn end a once ridiculously cheap dinner. Wendy’s has because overhauled its disagreement menu, rebirthing it together the best Price right Size menu — together if a catchy title is enough to lull our pains after the fatality of the $.99 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. 

While a handful of $.99 items live on ~ the brand-new menu to be launched, you’ll notice some of your favorites tagged with a greater cost, and also only you deserve to decide if the is important the ideal price and also the right size. 

Jr. Cheeseburger – $0.99


You can’t expect a worth burger come rock your world, but the Jr. Cheeseburger walk the trick if you’re hungry and also budget conscious. No surprises below – this Wendy’s burgess is topped off through pickles, onions, and cheese.

Jr. Cheeseburger luxurious – $0.99


Upping the price of the luxurious may have actually been a marketing ploy to do the Jr. Cheeseburger luxurious seem, well, deluxe. In reality, the just difference in between this burger and also the regular Jr. Cheeseburger is tomato, mayo, and also a slightly greater percentage that beef. 

4/6 Pc. Chicken Nuggets – $0.99/$1.79


We practically keeled over when we heard Wendy’s stop the spicy chicken nuggets. If the continual chicken nuggets space still a solid an option on the “dollar menu,” they’ll constantly live in the zero of their when beloved spicy forefathers. 

Crispy Chicken Sandwich – $0.99


The chicken sandwich industry is fiercely competitive. Every fast food joint tries to one-up the other, however have any type of of them acquired it rather right, yet? Wendy’s is a reliable selection for a crispy chicken sandwich, typically serving a new chicken patty without fully smothering it in mayo (we’re looking in ~ you, McDonald’s). 


Value size Natural-Cut Fries – $0.99

Whether these fries have actually anything natural about them or not, they certainly stand out from your competitors. They may not it is in the best in the industry, but you can’t dip any type of other restaurants’ fries in a frosty… that would just be wrong. 

Value dimension Soft Drink – $0.99

Wendy’s carries the classic assortment of Coca-Cola products. We recognize that’s yes, really all you to be wondering. 


Small Frosty – $0.99

The frosty tote the Wendy’s franchise ~ above its shoulders – serving together a signature treat due to the fact that 1969. Whether you order it as a instead of beverage or a dessert, the frosty in all its glory is unbeatable. 


Caesar or Garden side Salad – $1.49

When up versus a cheeseburger and fries, a salad doesn’t seem like something the belongs on a value menu. It’s a nice change of pace and promotes healthy choices ifyou get tired of the typical grease-soaked rapid food. 


Chicken Go-Wrap (Spicy, Crispy, or Grilled) – $1.79

Wendy’s version of a snack wrap is an additional healthy option on the appropriate Price right Size menu, providing a chicken breast, lettuce, cheese, and also honey mustard wrapped in a flour tortilla. 

Chili (Small) — $2.09

If the ingredients room fresh, Wendy’s chili has the potential to it is in top-notch, but much more often than not, this value meal is a fight or miss. However, because that a pair bucks, it stacks up against competition and also serves together a kind comfort food. 

Crispy Chicken Caesar plunder – $1.59


You can throw any sandwich or salad right into a wrap and hope because that the best. But, breaded chicken and Caesar dressing will always be an award-winning combo in our book. 


Double stack – $2.09

Meet the double Stack, the citizens Wendy’s cases to have actually “two fresh, never-frozen beef patties.” and also while the surname talks a large game, this twin cheeseburger is actually rather small. The taste is as much as our standards, however if Wendy’s keeps downsizing the burgers, there won’t be any kind of beef left. 


Junior Bacon Cheeseburger – $1.99

We saved the an extremely best because that last. It was a risky move tacking an additional dollar top top the price that the junior Bacon Cheeseburger, yet fans pulled v for the treasured JBC. If you ask us, a measly $1.99 is fairly the stealing for among the world’s greatest quick food burgers.

From the dollar food selection to the ideal Price, appropriate Size menu, Wendy’s has put its loyal fanbase through an emotionally roller coaster.

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Also so, us still have faith in the franchise to avoid downsizing the burgers, proceed offering dollar deals, and never readjust the cooking recipes of the famed Frosty. 

What’s your preferred Right Price, right Size menu item? If your favorite Wendy’s food isn’t top top here, the must mean it’s over a dissension or two. Ours deepest condolences.