Wendy"s is maintaining the spice Alive with the brand-new Ghost Pepper Ranch Dipping Sauce and a hot BOGO Offer


Wendy’s brings pan the warm they crave and also can’t get everywhere else, cementing our status as the Queen the Spice. From the iconic Spicy Chicken Sandwich and also fan-favorite Spicy Chicken Nuggets, come the recently launched Spicy black Bean Burger and now the all-new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce, Wendy’s it is provided the kick fans expect from us.

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That’s not all. To spice up the news that the Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce launch, Wendy’s is offering not one but two tasty offers:

obtain our BOGO sell at her nearest Wendy’s

It gets also better—you can additionally snag complimentary 6 pc. Nuggets (Spicy or Crispy) v purchase** via an to exclude, in-app offer. Just apply the mobile sell to your mobile stimulate or scan the mobile market in-restaurant or in the drive-thru. (PRO TIP: This sell refreshes every week, an interpretation you can score totally free 6 pc. Nuggets 5 weeks in a row—but who counting?)

Grab free 6 pc. Nuggets with acquisition offer via Wendy’s mobile application

People Don’t simply Say Spicy Nuggets, They to speak “Wendy’s Spicy Nuggets”

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets room the standard by which all other spicy nuggets room judged against. Many have tried and also failed, yet there’s nothing choose the verified, original Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets. Our Spicy Chicken Nuggets are legit.

But we don’t avoid there. We know our customers room constantly looking for the latest and also greatest menu innovations, and also I’m proud the the job-related my cooking team has done to develop a tradition of spice the keeps fans coming back for more.

Craving part extra warm this summer? you’re in luck.

Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce + Wendy’s Spicy Nuggets = Spicy Bliss

Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets–often imitated, never duplicated–have a brand-new fiery sauce to boost the heat. Dip, dunk or spread Wendy’s all-new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce to collection your taste buds ablaze (in the best way possible). Yes, anyone can incorporate ghost peppers right into a product simply for the novelty of using one of the sexy peppers ~ above the planet. But only Wendy’s can incorporate while still carrying on ours food vision—Fast Food excellent Right—by finding the best balance of wealthy buttermilk creaminess indigenous the Ranch, coupled through the hot, long-lasting warm of the ghost pepper. That’s exactly how we perform things at Wendy’s.

Available nationwide, customers can acquire Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce dip cups for complimentary at their regional Wendy’s. The new Ghost Pepper Ranch Sauce is certain to be your new go-to sauce, whether you’re pairing it through OG Spicy Nuggets or putting it on optimal of your favorite Wendy’s food selection item.

Head to her closest Wendy’s or place an order with our mobile application to acquire your sauce on. And don’t forget, you deserve to earn points towards your favorite Wendy’s items through Wendy’s Rewards™ via our mobile app.

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*Limited time only. Price and participation might vary at U.S. Wendy’s. Offer only uses to Dave’s Single, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, classic Chicken Sandwich and also 10-pc Nuggets. Valid because that item of equal or lesser value. A la carte only. No valid in a combo or with any kind of other offer.

**Limited time only. Totally free Spicy or Crispy Nuggets with any kind of purchase. Sell only easily accessible at participating U.S. Wendy’s and must it is in redeemed via the Wendy’s app. Application download and also registration required. No valid in a combo, with any other market or for shipment orders placed outside of the Wendy"s app. See offer in Wendy’s application for more details.