And considering their square burgers would certainly be more space-efficient for packaging and shipping...I'm skeptical.

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I think food safety and security guidelines have actually the "safe" temperature for refrigerated meat at less than 40°F, so there are 8° that aren't "frozen."

There was a dude who functioned at wendy's ~ above, and he said their meat is in fact fresh, never frozen.

1: fresh isn't a word the is regulation by the FDA or FCC.

2: regional distribution method that Wendy's deserve to afford to never freeze your burgers and also still preserve their integrity, safety, and flavor.

Fuddruckers used to be able to say that.... Ns remember back in the 80's, you could watch them slice meat best off the carcass, litter the meat in the grinder and also straight come the grill. I guess too many human being complained about that however seeing that fresh meat made me want to store going back!

What's the huge deal through frozen meat? When cooking at house nearly all of my meat has been frozen at one time or an additional (Either at the sector or in my own freezer).

People don't know the sheer volume of organization that well-known fast food chains perform in one day. I am in the procedure of moving from being a trainer at a McDonald's to a manager because that a burger King. In ~ McDonald's, we acquire shipments of brand-new stock double per week since of just how much we market in a variety of days. Our meat is frozen however we have actually other items that go negative quickly. We get smaller amounts shipped to us and they room in each and also every delivery, conversely, the meat is only ceded in among those deliveries every week due to the fact that we freeze it. Wendy's could pick to get their yogurt when per week since they keep that frozen till it's time come cycle it v the refrigerator to be provided while having actually meat transport to them an ext frequently during the week due to the fact that they obtain smaller quantities and they can go bad an ext quickly. You might figure this the end if friend met who who operated at a neighborhood store and asked around their food prices (it will be higher if they space wasting more meat due to the fact that of the going poor than McDonalds throwing out a pair things the yogurt) or if friend knew just how their distribution worked. Do they own regional farms? How far is the meat comes from? McDonalds and also Burger King both very own their way of production and also regions are set up with just a couple of cities between them, quite than various other chains having one resource shipping to whole state or much more at a time.

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Someone at my occupational once saw Wendy's on break and was miffed as soon as they came ago because temporarily that ar was not offering tomatoes because that free. Sandwiches that generally came through tomato would come there is no tomato and you would certainly pay the 35 cents or so the you'd salary to add it to a sandwich the didn't encompass it also for those, due to the fact that something had gone wrong with among their crops and also they only had a margin that the tomato they commonly had. So while ns wouldn't bank on it, ns wouldn't be entirely surprised if they approached your meat an in similar way - their main rival is McDonalds although couple of people establish the competition in between the 2 industries and also they are constantly beating united state (by my standards) by giving fresher items. Your nutrition team is additionally a thousands times far better than everything fucks job-related for McDonalds and managed come screw up oatmeal. What McDonalds lacks in your nutrition room they comprise for in marketing and also advertisements, which is ridiculous.