In current years, v the legal standing of marijuana shifting, the scientific neighborhood has sought to better understand this facility and alluring plant.

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With much coverage committed to the genetic basis that flavor and variety, researchers also aim to explain what marijuana does come a who brain.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) permits scientists to glimpse in ~ what a person’s mind activity looks choose in the moments the they room thinking thoughts, feeling feelings, and also most importantly — for the purposes of this write-up — gaining high.

Let’s take it a look at what scientists have found out around the brain of a person before, during, and also after they use marijuana.


Long-term marijuana use is associated with decreased gray matter in the bilateral orbitofrontal gyri, and greater useful connectivity in the orbitofrontal cortex.

Can your mind handle it?

What does a Person’s mind Look choose After They’ve smoked Weed because that a long Time?

Researchers have argued about whether permanent marijuana use alters a person’s brain, however at this point, that pretty lot settled: Chronic marijuana use transforms how your mind works. And in a 2014 research in the journal Proceedings of the national Academy the Sciences, researchers compared 48 marijuana users with 62 non-using regulate subjects to see exactly how people’s brains changed from smoking cigarettes pot.

Compared come the regulate group, the smokers had actually less gray issue in the bilateral orbitofrontal gyri, which are linked with making decisions and also processing emotions. But in addition to this, the marijuana users had actually more structure connectivity in the orbitofrontal cortex network, i beg your pardon the study authors say argues that the brain may it is in trying to make up for the lose of gray matter. The human mind is a complex and dynamically adjusting organ, so any shortcoming in one area can often be partially compensated because that in other areas, and this seems to be those going ~ above in the brain of a pot smoker.

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Is it bad? Maybe, probably not. Deserve to your brain handle it? native these studies of marijuana smokers, that appears to be the case. Yet as with any type of area that research, this is a topic the requires an ext in-depth longitudinal studies to obtain a better idea of how marijuana influence the brain, particularly in the long-term.

Photos via Bedi et al, Francesca M. Filbey et al, flickr/ _DJ_, Unsplash / Esteban Lopez, Flickr / internet Archive publication Images, Wikimedia / Kigsz