Movie Lovers, Rejoice:’s Vudu Launches an initial Mobile organization that Transforms DVDs and Blu-rays into a Digital Collection


SUNNYVALE, Calif. – in march 23, 2017 – Vudu,’s subscription-free, premium video streaming service, announced now the launch of the very first mobile offering to transform DVDs and Blu-rays into digital libraries, ideal from a customer’s phone. Obtainable beginning today, march 23, in ~ 12:00 p.m. EDT, mobile Disc-to-Digital transforms DVDs and Blu-rays into digital movies* through a an easy scan with the Vudu app. This movies deserve to then be perceived on thousands of Vudu-enabled tools including televisions, Blu-ray key players, gaming consoles, streaming players and also through the Vudu application on phones and also tablets.

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Over the past several years, Vudu has seen increased demand for that is offerings that leg physical and digital entertainment, consisting of its in-home Disc-to-Digital service and InstaWatch, which automatically sends customers a digital copy of standard DVDs or Blu-ray discs purchased at stores and on

“The mean movie collector owns almost 100 DVDs and also Blu-rays.** We recognize these customers have actually invested a lot of into building their physical movie collections,” stated Jeremy Verba, general manager, Vudu. “As much more and more customers produce digital libraries, we space constantly in search of ways to assist them unlock added value from the movies they already own.”

Mobile Disc-to-Digital works on iPhones and Android devices and is available for virtually 8,000 movies from Lionsgate, Paramount house Media Distribution, Sony Pictures home Entertainment, twentieth Century Fox home Entertainment, universal Pictures house Entertainment and also Warner Bros. Residence Entertainment. Additional titles will certainly be included in the coming months.

Movie pan can transform a DVD come SD or a Blu-ray disc to HDX because that $2. To update DVDs to HDX, it will price $5 per title. Every Vudu users will get one free first-time mobile conversion.

Mobile Disc-to-Digital conversions need to take place at a customer’s residence / billing address. Cell phone Disc-to-Digital works in three easy steps:

Scan Navigate to Disc-to-Digital in the Vudu app and scan the barcode on the physics disc case. Convert Choose SD or HDX. Send one title or scan all of your movies prior to submitting. Watch Watch her movies on any kind of Vudu-enabled device.

“Like, at Vudu we’re always striving to save our client time and also money,” included Verba. “Our cell phone Disc-to-Digital organization is a vital part that Vudu’s broader effort to do digital entertainment access basic and convenient.”

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*Customers need a totally free UltraViolet account in order to use Mobile Disc-to-Digital**Fox Media & technology Tracker - 2016

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About Vudu With more than 100,000 titles that can be watched on movie lovers’ favorite devices, Vudu offers users anytime, anywhere accessibility to favorite movies and also television shows. At house or top top the go, digital or offline, Vudu it is provided a premium entertainment suffer with the latest in digital video and entertain technology, including 4K Ultra High Definition, Dolby Vision HDR and also Dolby Atmos Cinema Sound.

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