Many world have old and also precious storage stored within VHS tapes but are can not to watch or share them due to the fact that VHS players space no much longer used anywhere.

Since Walgreens supplies a wide selection of photo services, you might be wondering: does Walgreens transform VHS come DVD? Here is what i have discovered!

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Does Walgreens convert VHS to DVD In 2021?

Walgreens offers VHS come DVD conversion services under its picture Labs department. The company costs a minimum of $34.98 for one DVD, v $9.99 extra for each additional DVD. The conversion can take in between three to 5 weeks before you obtain the DVDs. 

If you desire to learn an ext about the types of VHS tapes that can be converted, the cost for conversion, and also the extras available by Walgreens, keep on reading! 

Where have the right to You transform VHS to DVD at Walgreens?

You can convert your VHS come DVD through Walgreens by heading over to this Walgreens photo Labs link and choosing the variety of VHS tapes girlfriend have, even if it is you desire to preview and also edit the videos before they are melted on to the DVD, and several other options. 

Once you have finalized the details of your order, you have the right to go come the nearest Walgreens store and drop turn off the VHS tapes versus your stimulate number in ~ the photograph Labs kiosk. 

How lot Does Walgreens fee To transform VHS to DVD? 

Here room the standard charges for VHS to DVD conversion at Walgreens: 

$24.99 per VHS tape that is to be converted $9.99 per DVD $19.99 per Blu-ray disc 

Therefore, you will have to pay a minimum the $34.98 to obtain one VHS converted and burned ~ above one DVD. 

What kind Of VHS Tapes go Walgreens convert To DVD? 


Walgreens counter the following types of VHS tapes come DVD: 

Betamax VHS VHC-C 8MM Digital8 Video8 MiniDV MicroMini 

How lengthy Do You have to Wait To gain VHS converted To DVD in ~ Walgreens?

The typical waiting time to gain your VHS converted to DVD is three to 5 weeks. This go not include the time it will take because that Walgreens to get the VHS tapes indigenous you. 

Walgreens sends all VHS tapes because that conversion come a main facility in the country, and so this is why you need to wait a lengthy time (3 to 5 weeks) to acquire the converted DVDs back. 

What Is The Maximum limit For converting One VHS come DVD at Walgreens? 

Walgreens will certainly convert and burn a maximum of 2 hrs of video clip onto a single DVD. If the video (to it is in converted) is much longer than that, the remaining part after 2 hours will be melted onto a separate DVD. 

Will You get Your VHS Tapes ago After Conversion from Walgreens? 

Yes, friend will acquire your initial VHS tapes ago once these have actually been converted to DVD. 

What Extras walk Walgreens Offer once Converting VHS to DVD? 

Instead of straight converting the VHS tapes and burning the videos as-is onto DVD, Walgreens uses the complying with intermediate options for free: 

View your videos on phone, tablet, or computer Sort, label, and also organize her videos Edit her videos and customize her DVDs 

To find out more, you can also see Walgreens solutions on scanning photos, arising film, and also getting passport picture done.


Walgreens walk indeed convert VHS come DVD with its photograph Labs services.

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You need to pay a minimum that $34.98 to convert one VHS tape come one DVD, payment $9.99 extra for each extr DVD and $19.99 for each Blu-ray disc. The waiting time is typically between three to five weeks prior to you receive the converted tapes.