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Posted ~ above 12 February 202022 July 2020

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Medically reviewed by Dr Pedram Kordrostami, MBBS, BSc - written by Dewey Jhon posted on 12 February 202022 July 2020

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Is vitamin B good for hangovers?

So, is vitamin B great for hangovers or not? over there is some debate approximately this seemingly straightforward ‘yes or no’ question. Mainly because there space so numerous different vitamins the come under the B vitamin group. Also, the fact that B vitamins for hangovers haven’t been researched extensively.

One study reports a far-ranging reduction in hangover severity in those who have actually high vitamin B3 (nicotinamide) and also zinc intake.(5)

Another study uncovered that vitamin B6 also reduced hangover severity.(6)

Other 보다 this, over there isn’t lot else the end there that’s actually tested vitamin B because that hangovers.

That said, there room manyhangover supplementson the sector that encompass vitamin B in your formulation.

The bottom line:The proof for vitamin B being good for hangovers is limited and any type of reported benefits are anectdotal.

When need to you take it vitamin B for hangovers?

All of the studies mentioned over (albeit limited in number) give their test topics vitamin B before, during or directly after drink alcohol.

It’s the same case with every the hangover supplements on the market. They will certainly all recommend taking vitamin B either prior to or straight after your last drink.

If the nutrients room going to have any kind of effect on your hangover, that going to be while alcohol and its spin-offs of metabolism room still in your system.

There’s no suggest trying to recover the morning after as soon as your hangover has taken hold. Through this stage, it’s currently too late. The damages is done.

Do B vitamin cure hangovers?

There’s one point that’s because that sure, Vitamin B will not cure your hangover. In fact, nothing will certainly truly “cure” a hangover.

Hangovers are resulted in by several different determinants including dehydration, inflammation and also poor sleep to point out a few.

No solitary or combination of ingredient is going come take your hangover away.

Are there any side-effects?

Generally speaking, vitamin B is safe to take together it’s an essential nutrient required for life. The said, there space some supplements the contain an extremely high concentration which can cause side effects.

For example, vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) have the right to make her urine go a flourescent yellow colour.

High doses of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) is renowned to cause abdominal muscle pain and facial flushing.

Anything else to consider?

When it involves hangovers, prevention is key. Drinking plenty of water, slowing under on her alcohol intake and also having a meal prior to going out will certainly go a long means in to reduce hangover severity.

At the finish of the day, hangovers are caused by drinking an ext alcohol than your body have the right to handle.

In addition, darker colored drinks that room high incongenerscan make hangovers worse.

Vitamin B because that a hangover – last verdict

So, that brings us to the finish of our look at even if it is vitamin B is good for hangovers or not.

We’ve walked you through some of the differences in between the different species of B vitamins and how lock are essential for common metabolism.

Aside indigenous chronic alcohol use, the research right into vitamin B and hangovers is limited. Over there are only a grasp of studies accessible at the time of writing.

In general, vitamin B1 come B6 can have a duty in supporting your liver throughout periods that over-indulgence. ~ above the other hand, folic acid and vitamin B12 room unlikely to be as useful.

The reason is, if you have a healthy well balanced diet, you’re i can not qualify to it is in deficient in it and no researches have attached deficiencies in these 2 B vitamins through “regular” alcohol intake.

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