Mere minute after the polls close up door in Virginia, multiple outlets named a winner in the commonwealth"s at sight Tuesday primary: Joe Biden.

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice chairman Joe Biden speak at a main election night campaign rally Tuesday, march 3, 2020, in Los Angeles with his wife Jill Biden, left, and his sister Valerie. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)Mere minute after the polls closed in Virginia, a projected winner was named in the commonwealth’s super Tuesday primary: Joe Biden.

The former vice president would certainly win about 53% of the state’s vote. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was the remote runner-up, with around 23%.

The victory was a large one for Biden. Virginia’s mix the rural, urban and also suburban voters makes it a an essential indicator of who will face President Donald trumped in the November general election.

Biden score victories in eight various other states: Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, Minnesota, Arkansas, Massachusetts and North Carolina primaries.

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“We are very much alive,” Biden told supporters during a rally in Los Angeles late Tuesday night.

Biden’s wins follow some significant endorsements from previous moderate rivals in the race, such as Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg and also Beto O’Rourke. The coalescing approximately Biden illustrates the dynamic moving forward in this campaign: a competition between the democratic party’s centrist and more-liberal wings.

One of those left-leaners delighted in his own early Super Tuesday victory, as soon as Sanders won his residence state of Vermont. The was additionally declared the projected winner in Colorado, Utah and — last, but by no way least — California.

Around northern Virginia, Biden demonstrated significant strength. …

In Alexandria, Biden’s 49.9% showing put him way ahead that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (18.3%) and also Sanders (18.2%).In Arlington County, Biden winner a comfortable plurality that 48.2%. Warren to be a distant 2nd with 20%.In Fairfax City, Biden win Sanders 44.7% come 27.3%.In Fairfax County, that went Biden (49.8%), climate Sanders (23.3%).In falls Church, Biden winner 48.1% of the vote, followed by Warren through 18.5%.In Loudoun County, Biden beat Sanders 50.5% come 25.2%.In Prince wilhelm County, Biden to win Sanders, 52.6% come 25.9%.In Stafford County, Biden winner a majority of 54.6%, v Sanders a distant 2nd at 24%.

According to the Virginia Public accessibility Project, Biden was most successful in “African-American precincts” (a bulk of about 71%) and also districts won by previous Secretary the State Hillary Clinton throughout her presidential operation in 2016 (76%). Biden ran virtually neck and neck through Sanders in so-called “millennial districts,” while Sanders to be favored in “college precincts” (with virtually 51%).

Virginia’s supervisor Tuesday turnout surpassed the turnout in 2008, as soon as Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama vied because that the nomination.

A full of 124 delegates are up because that grabs in Virginia; 99 of these space pledged delegates, and allocated based upon the primary results. Candidates require at the very least 15% that the vote statewide or in a congressional district to earn pledged delegates, which room awarded proportionally.

Other candidates vying for the 15% benchmark include former brand-new York market Mike Bloomberg and also Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

News that the former vice president’s early win in Virginia come as small surprise. According to the evaluation site FiveThirtyEight, polls in the commonwealth had favored Biden. FiveThirtyEight additionally saw a favorable outcome because that Biden in Texas. Sanders was the favorite in the remaining Super Tuesday state: Maine.

Virginia’s GOP greeted Biden’s beforehand victory through a confident prediction about November.

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“President Trump’s agenda has actually made America a much better place for all people,” claimed Jack Wilson, Republican Party of Virginia chairman. “… Biden and also the remainder of the Democrats desire to destroy all of the accomplishments this management has made, yet we won’t let that happen.”

CBS News and The connected Press contributed to this report.

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