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Vice president Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff will move right into Number One Observatory Circle. JONATHAN ERNST/POOL/AFP/Getty pictures Source:

For an ext than 2 months following the inauguration, Harris and Emhoff resided at Blair House, the president's official guest house, if the angry president's residence underwent repairs.

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Blair residence on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. Robert Knopes/Education Images/Universal Images team via Getty photos


Though simply over 2.5 miles north that the White House, Number One Observatory circle feels civilizations away.


Number One Observatory Circle, the main residence of the vice chairman of the joined States because 1974, pictured ~ above October 28, 2016. Katherine Frey/The Washington article via Getty photos

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

Built in 1893, the three-story hilltop mansion is located on the diverted grounds the the us Naval Observatory, where scientists study the sun, moon, and stars because that navigational purposes.


A satellite image recorded April 2, 2012, shows the 72-acre united state Naval Observatory, located within the web traffic circle. DigitalGlobe/Getty photos

Source: The White House, "Number One Observatory Circle"

For 30 years, the building served as the home of the superintendent that the us Naval Observatory. Climate in 1923, it ended up being the main residence because that the chief of naval operations.

US an enig Service personnel nearby the gates to the united state Naval Observatory in 2013. Charles Dharapak/AP

Source: The White House

Jimmy and also Rosalynn Carter gather with Walter and Joan Mondale for dinner at the vice president's residence in January 1977. nationwide Archives Catalog/Jimmy Carter Library (LP-JC)

Source: The White House

But the an initial vice chairman didn't move in until three years later when Walter Mondale was elected second-in-command under president Jimmy Carter, historian Charles Denyer to write in his definitive book around the residence.

Walter Mondale master a dinner party because that Jimmy Carter and also his family members in December 1977. nationwide Archives Catalog/Jimmy Carter Library (LP-JC)

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

The floor floor that Number One Observatory Circle is composed of a agree hall, life room, sitting room, dining room, garden room, lounges, pantry kitchen, and also veranda, follow to Denyer.

Joan Mondale poses during a tourism of the angry president's residence because that members that the media on march 23, 1977. AP

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

On the second floor room the understand suite, an additional bedroom, a study, and a den. The third floor supplied to it is in servants' quarters, but now has four bedrooms for family members members.

an exterior shooting of the evil president's residence top top April 2, 2012. official White residence Photo by David Lienemann

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

Walter Mondale lifts his Thanksgiving turkey from the broiler on November 11, 1977 in the kitchen of the vice president's residence. AP photograph

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

Every evil president has actually lived there due to the fact that Mondale, bringing your own distinctive touch to the home's 9,150 square feet.

Ronald and also Nancy Reagan visit George H.W. And also Barbara shrub at the evil president's residence in 1981. David Hume Kennerly/Getty pictures

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

George H.W. Bush installed a horseshoe pit top top the grounds once he was vice president, Denyer writes.

George H.W. Shrub answers a phone contact in the vice president's residence circa 1983. David Hume Kennerly/Getty

Source: USA Today

Bush also installed a quarter-mile-long jogging track on the premises, which he used even after he came to be president in 1988 and moved southern to the White House.

George H.W. Bush, together with an unidentified aide and also agent, jog at the angry president's residence on march 27, 1992. Barry Thumma/AP photo

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

When Al Gore's family members lived there, they would certainly play gamings like catch, Frisbee, and also touch football in the prior yard. The residence is set on 12 that the Observatory's 72 acres.

Al Gore celebrates scoring a touchdown together his daughters go away throughout a touch football game with family members members in November 2000 in ~ the vice president's residence. JOYCE NALTCHAYAN/AFP via Getty pictures

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

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The house attributes Queen Anne-style architecture, with an expansive veranda porch the wraps about the former corner.

A wrap-around porch in ~ the vice president's residence pictured October 28, 2016. Katherine Frey/The Washington short article via Getty images

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

Since 1991, human being have been able come donate to the non-profit evil President's Residence structure to assist pay because that decorating expenses.

George H.W. Bush and Mrs. Barbara bush pose at the angry president's residence circa 1983. David Hume Kennerly/Getty images

Source: The center for windy Integrity

When penis Cheney and also his family moved in, castle decorated the residence using a color scheme that creams and also greens.

prick Cheney, Lynne Cheney, and their daughter Mary, move right into their new home in 2001. M. Spencer Green/AP

Source: The Washington Post

Dan Quayle added a swim pool and exercise room during his tenure. In 2010, Joe Biden called reporters that Quayle to be his "favorite evil president" since he helped develop the pool.

Prince Charles talks v Dan Quayle in ~ the vice president's residence ~ above February 17, 1989. Bettmann/Getty images

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

Jill Biden was likewise grateful for previous additions. "Each person has added something to make the home better for the following family," she called The Washington article in 2017.

Jill Biden helped develop the household Heritage Garden the the evil President whereby all occupants and also their family members members, including pets, are memorialized on the rock pavers around a fountain. Pictured October 2016. Katherine Frey/The Washington short article via Getty images

Source: The Washington Post

She was particularly fond the the "serenity" that the place. "When times gain tough, and also there were part pretty hard times because that the Bidens, you might sit outside and reflect. That was really healing," Jill Biden said the Post.

Joe Biden surprised Jill v a commemorative plaque ~ above a tree top top the grounds of the angry president's residence top top Valentine's work in 2010. Katherine Frey/The Washington article via Getty photos

Source: The Washington Post

In 2009, Joe Biden let that slip the the evil president's residence was residence to a bunker, according to former Newsweek correspondent Eleanor Clift.

Vice president Joe Biden and also Dr. Jill Biden hold a barbeque for wounded company members in ~ the angry president's residence on may 25, 2010. Charles Dharapak/AP picture

Source: Newsweek

While Biden's team refuted the claim, neighbors backed increase the story through complaints about mysterious and also loud building and construction sounds in the wake up of 9/11 once Cheney live at the residence, according to Denyer.

cock Cheney shakes hands with Joe Biden ~ above November 13, 2008, in ~ the evil president's residence. David Bohrer/White House/AP picture

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

Numerous leaders and also dignitaries have been to the residence end the years. For eight years in a row, Biden held Ireland's prime Minister Enda Kenny ~ above St. Patrick's Day.

Before moving out, Jill Biden told the article that the Pences would most likely be surprised to find that the Observatory is a respite from the "hectic" nature that Washington life.

Joe and also Bill Biden meet with Mike and also Karen Pence adhering to lunch in ~ the evil president's residence ~ above November 16, 2016. SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty pictures

Source: The Washington Post

The Pences moved right into One Observatory circle in January 2017. After moving in, they posed for Inauguration day photos top top the front porch.

Mike Pence and his family pose because that photographs top top the former porch of the angry president's residence on January 20, 2017. Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Source: "Number One Observatory Circle"

Just like the White House, Number One Observatory Circle gets decked the end for the holidays. The Pences make for main Christmas portraits, favor the one here, in what shows up to be the home's sitting room.

Mike and Karen Pence space pictured top top December 9, 2017, in their main Christmas portrait at the vice president's residence.

The Pences additionally went all out for Halloween, decorating the home and greeting trick-or-treaters there.

Mike and Karen Pence greet trick-or-treaters on October 30, 2019, at the evil president's residence. main White home photo by Tia Dufour

Source: The White House

Like their predecessors, the Pences hosted a broad range of guests, including politicians and world leaders.

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Mike and Karen Pence speak v governors and also guests top top February 7, 2020, in ~ the vice president's residence. official White home Photo by D. Myles Cullen

Source: The White House

The Quayle family members had the pool, pictured right here in October 2016, set up when they live at the evil president's residence. Katherine Frey/The Washington short article via Getty pictures

VP Residence because that our annual pool party! Military households make great sacrifices to serve our country and we took pleasure in a fun and safe evening to present our appreciation.