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Valentin Chmerkovskiy has had actually his re-superstructure of celebrity partners on Dancing v the Stars, but it shows up there’s simply one companion for him turn off the ballroom floor.

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The DWTS champion proposed to longtime girlfriend — and fellow DWTS dancer — Jenna Johnson in Venice, Italy.

iamValC.” She showed up shocked together Chmerkovskiy bent under on one knee while holding out a ring.





He also shared a photo, composing in the caption, “I can’t wait to make you my wife ♥👑.”

“My life has changed because of ” Chmerkovskiy told gendergeek.org of his new fiancée. “And I discover myself to it is in the best version the myself that I’ve ever before been. She’s awesome.”

In May, Chmerkovskiy comment to a tweet about Johnson when a pan account common a gif of she wearing a red bedazzled costume.

“Jenna Johnson though,” the account tweeted, come which Chmerkovskiy responded, “I should def placed a ring top top it,” adding three emojis: eyes, heart eyes and a crown.

“Time’s a-ticking!” She said. “We’ll see . Us both have actually very huge things happening best now, for this reason we’ll let the ride over… maybe we’ll walk to Fiji!”

In March, he admitted come Entertainment Tonight that “it’s hard” to clock Johnson hit the ballroom floor with other men. “The form of human I am, ns mean, I’m relatively jealous. I mean, look, I have all this emotions, you know.”

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“I’m no perfect,” the continued. “But I have actually to examine myself and also be fair and say, prefer … how can I organize this against her if I’m in the exact same situation? and also I would never want to deteriorate my artistry, friend know, since I wouldn’t desire to do my far-ranging other feeling uncomfortable.”

“This is part of the new chapter in my life,” that added. “It takes part sacrifice to have a healthy and balanced relationship. And, friend know, girlfriend gotta be willing to do those sacrifices and I’m absolutely willing come make certain sacrifices to do it work.”

The couple dated off-and-on beginning in 2015 but started publicly sharing their love story in 2017 — most publicly sharing a passionate kiss top top the season 25 finale that DWTS. He previously dated Amber Rose.

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Chmerkovskoiy and also Johnson common a kiss after Kelsea Ballerini’s performance on DWTS in November 2017.
“I’ll be honest, I’m just worn down of fighting this because I realize that gendergeek.org and Hollywood are obsessed v romance and love stories,” Chmerkovskiy has actually told world of his decision to open up up more to the media around their relationship. “I feel like it’s private. It have to remain private but at the exact same time I recognize I can’t be a hypocrite. I’m on Instagram kind of share our vacations and also my love for she constantly.”