United Airlines provides customers the most comprehensive network of global routes. They additionally include one-stop or no-stop flights to and also from everywhere in the united States. With hubs within the four largest U.S. Cities, it’s no wonder that unified Airlines leads the airline industry. If you’re planning top top booking a flight, united Airlines is probably one of her options. And also if she traveling with your service dog, understanding United Airlines’ service, dog policies can simplify your trip.

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Traveling through Service animals on united Airlines

United airlines welcomes service dogs within your cabin, as lengthy as lock perform work for a person with a standard disability.United Airlines specifies service animals as pets trained come do occupational to advantage a qualified person with a disability. The disabilities may encompass — however are not limited to — psychiatric, intellectual, or physics issues.

People with business dogs might travel v up to 2 animals. Service pets must it is in dogs and also over 4 months of age to travel within the airline cabin. 


How come Fly with a service Dog on united Airlines

Complete the forced document(s) (linked below) because that your service animal(s).Submit her completed documents to joined Airlines at least 48 hours in advance.If you booked your trip within 48 hours of your departure, carry out your completed records at the airport.Contact joined Airlines via the United accessibility Desk (1-800-228-2744) with any kind of questions.

Required Documents 

United asks to finish a few forms before flying through a company animal. The room of transportation (DOT) forms are as follows:

United airline asks that both develops be completed and also carried with you. Because that tickets purchased 48 hours before the trip departure, the completed develops may be presented to the airline certified dealer at the airport. Joined Airlines welcomes girlfriend to call the United availability Desk at 1-800-228-2744 for questions about traveling through your business dog. You re welcome be conscious that, depending on your destination, additional documents might be necessary.

Before flying v your company dog on unified Airlines, familiarize yourself through their rules and policies.

Traveling Information

When inside the cabin, the organization dog need to sit on the floor in former of your handler’s feet. Come ensure safe aisle accessibility for others, the dog must not protrude right into the aisle or block others. Smaller dogs through a kennel should fit united Airlines’ stowage parameters. Business dogs and their handlers room prohibited from sit in the leave row seats.

United airlines asks customers paris with service dogs to adhere come the following:

Travel is not allowed within 30 job of a business dog’s rabies vaccination.Service dogs should be under the regulate of their handler at every times.Service dogs have to behave appropriately and follow their handler’s directions.Service dogs room harnessed or leashed at all times.Travel in ~ an airline cabin to an worldwide destination, Guam, or Hawaii, may require a present copy that the organization dog’s inoculation records. Joined recommends that vaccine copies should be on hand whenever traveling.

Service dogs in Training

United Airlines enables dog trainers to bring one business dog in cultivate on board — no fee —, as lengthy as it assists a person with a disability.The service dog in training must not occupy a seat and also should meet business dog documentation requirements. If not, handlers and trainers space welcome to inspect the dogs together pets.

Therapy Animals and also Emotional Support pets on united Airlines

Only service animals helping a human being with a handicap may take trip in the airline cabin cost-free of charge. Treatment animals, lull animals, and also emotional support pets are no considered business animals. When traveling with these animals, pet-related regulations and costs will apply.



Flying through Pets

If you flying v a puppy or kitten as a pet, it have to be at least 4 months old and accompanied by one adult person. The pet need to remain in the floor space under the chair in a kennel. If lock too huge for a kennel, they must utilize joined Airlines’ PetSafe program.

Documentation because that Pets

Anyone traveling with a pets on joined within the continent U.S. Will need a health certificate in addition to proof of the last rabies vaccine. Travel is prohibited in ~ 30 days of the rabies vaccine. Part states like Hawaii and also other nations require additional documents, and also travelers have to comply through all pets travel needs relevant to your destination.

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Flying v United Airlines

As one of America’s premier airlines, joined Airlines’ regulations for service animals aregenerally in line with other major U.S. Airlines.Although organization dogs space welcome in the cabin of joined Airline’s airplanes, people traveling with organization dogsshouldensure that the exactly documents and also regulations are met. This makes the journey more enjoyable for both the individual and also the business animal.