Tyler Hagen is a YouTube personality and also musician, best known because that his music videos. While creating his songs, he bring together different genres the music, such together acoustic, folk, southerly rock, blues and rap. One of his most popular original tracks ‘The Sun and also the Moon’ got widespread acclamation. His YouTube channel, ‘Sounds favor Harmony’, has currently gathered an impressive number of subscribers. Except his music videos he additionally posts videos pertaining come his an individual life. After break up through his girl friend Shannon Taylor, who as well is a YouTube star, Tyler post a video clip in which castle both blamed each various other for the breakup. Upon being posted, the video clip raised a ruckus on YouTube. Tyler is currently raising his son, Levi.

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Tyler Hagen had actually a flair because that music best from his childhood. He began playing various instruments when he was simply seven. He offered to play his nursery rhymes ~ above piano and also that was simply the start of his permanent association v music. He also started creating songs while he was still a kid.
In order to showcase his talent come the world, he chose to create a YouTube channel. Tyler developed his channel, ‘Sounds prefer Harmony’, and also started performing live. Gradually, his music was preferred by many and his channel racked increase 35,000 subscribers within a year of creating the channel.
Tyler then began posting the songs the were created by him and also soon ended up being an web sensation. Tyler’s music is distinct in plenty of ways. The fuses different music genres favor blues, metal, rock and rap and then to add his own touch come it. He periodically blends two completely different genres and manages come come up through a unique genre of his own. That was once appreciated by many for mixing pop through acoustic and heavy metal with a melodious critical cover.
Tyler has shared the phase with famous bands and musicians favor ‘Never shout Never’ and also SayWeCanFly. His success reached better heights once his song, ‘The Sun and also the Moon’, won the second place in the ‘Song of the Year’ contest conducted by songoftheyear.com.
Tyler has been a featured artist in ‘Warped Tour’, a music festival. In the festival, that takes component in a competition which is organized each year by the premier cable instrument production company, Ernie Ball. Among Tyler’s tracks topped the Virginia coast music charts and secured the 25th position on the nationwide Billboard.
Tyler may have actually made a surname for self in the ar of music. But he had his fair share of struggle throughout the initial step of his career. That did countless odd work in stimulate to manage his finances before coming to be financially successful.
Since the was good at skateboarding, he began to flaunt his skateboarding skills and regulated to get a bit of popular in the neighborhood. His action were funded by the regional shops and a fashion line dubbed Textbook Clothing.
Tyler was then diagnosed through an acute tonsil which needed to it is in operated. The surgical procedure was expensive and left the bankrupt. He had actually to drop out of his university which made that to rotate towards his permanent love, music. The started concentrating on his music skills and began making part money to assistance his expenses.
In 2015, Tyler posted a video clip after break up through his long-time girlfriend, Shannon Taylor. She too, is a musician and also YouTube personality. After breaking up, they began blaming each various other by posting rant videos top top their respective channels. Shannon posted she breakup video, stating that Tyler is a racist and that he never cared because that her.
Tyler came up v his video, saying the Shannon misbehaved through his mother and also that became the factor for your breakup. Few of their fans developed a different story, arguing that their respective experienced growth created a rift between them which ultimately resulted in your breakup.
Tyler is a young father that takes treatment of his son, Levi. Levi has actually been featured in few of Tyler’s videos in which they space seen sharing a beautiful bond. In one of his videos, Tyler shared his experience once Levi was attacked by a group of racist men. The miscreants had actually smashed the windshield the his vehicle when Levi had gone the end to shop with his mother. Tyler very condemned the act and also requested civilization not to engage in violent activities.
Tyler likewise had a daunting phase when parenting Levi. He to be arrested because that failing to pay up for kid support. He was claimed to pay about three hundred dollars which the couldn"t together he was damaged during the initial stages of his career. That somehow regulated to collect the sum and deposited the funds. Nevertheless, Tyler is now financially strong and is having no worries in increasing his son.

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Tyler to be born James Tyler Hagen Jr. Top top January 24, 1992 in Greenville, phibìc Carolina. He attended Beaufort County community College wherein he learned nursing, but opted come drop out owing come financial crisis.