Misleading mim glossed over crucial detail in a sirloin to boycott a brand of TV dinners.

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Published1 April 2021

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ContextPatricia Swanson, that married Tucker Carlson"s father as soon as Tucker was 10 year old, is one heiress come the wealth produced by the Swanson TV dinner agency her grandfather Carl Swanson founded. But the household sold Swanson-branded food assets to Campbell"s in 1955. Details about how much Patricia Swanson inherited have not been made public.


The text of the above meme reads, “Don’t spend a solitary $ ~ above Swanson Frozen Foods! that vile POS Tucker Carlson’s family members owns the company!”

The meme over is incorrect. Carlson’s family members no much longer owns Swanson; however, his family background is certainly connected to the company.

Carlson’s stepmother is Patricia Swanson, that married his father, prick Carlson, when Tucker to be 10, according to a 2018 profile in the Columbia Journalism Review. Patricia is one heiress to Swanson family members wealth — wealth that was produced by her grand Carl Swanson, a swedish immigrant whose service venture gave Americans the TV dinner. Yet the Swanson household no much longer owns the company. Therefore a boycott that Swanson-branded commodities likely i will not ~ strongly influence Tucker Carlson today.

A detailed profile of the Swanson family history published by The brand-new York time in 1979 reported the Carl Swanson’s sons, Gilbert and also Clarke, marketed the agency to Campbell’s in 1955 for “a large block the Campbell’s stock. They kept no further connection to TV Dinners, despite the Swanson remained on the label. The family organization was change the name Swanson Enterprises, a holding company for stock, real estate, foundations, household trusts and smaller service providers worth millions.”

It’s true the Patricia Swanson, together with her brothers Gilbert Jr., Jay, and also Carla, (the youngsters of Gilbert Jr.) to be beneficiaries of the household wealth. But the story details the acrimony in the family and also the reality that the male side controlled the money, even having accessibility to the trust fund committed to Patricia. Till Patricia saw federal court and obtained a settlement, the regards to which were no public, Patricia had actually only got an “allowance” from that fund, the times reported.

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It remains unclear just how much wide range Patricia inherited and whether or come what degree that benefits her 2 stepchildren, Tucker, and his brothers Buckley. In any case, Tucker Carlson’s household has no current link to the Swanson food brand.