President Donald trump prepares come sign four executive orders during a news conference, consisting of one that deferred the arsenal of the payroll count that workers pay to aid fund society Security, on Aug. 8, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

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On Aug. 27, showed Twitter user SocialSecurityWorks declared that chairman Donald Trump’s plans to cut Social Security resources would remove disability, survivor and also retirement benefits in coming years. Is this accurate?


Who is SocialSecurityWorks?

According to its website, SocialSecurityWorks is a political action committee the serves come endorse politics candidates who will job-related to “expand society Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and also lower prescription medicine prices for all Americans.”

The PAC endorsed autonomous presidential candidate Joe Biden top top Aug. 13. This might aid explain their motives behind making a claim that the president is planning to defund benefits the serve countless Americans. The source is verified and a legitimate PAC, yet they do have a specific agenda.


Did they ago up your claim?

Linked within the tweet to be a letter from Stephen C. Goss, the chief actuary of the Social security Administration. In this letter, which was penned in ~ the request of four democratic senators, Goss explains the effects of a irreversible payroll taxes cut. Goss’ letter claims that, “(i)f this theoretical legislation were enacted … we calculation that (Disability Insurance) Trust money asset reserves would come to be permanently depleted in around the middle of calendar year 2021,” and additionally that “… (Old Age and Survivor Insurance) Trust money reserves would come to be permanently depleted by the middle of calendar year 2023.”


This is a memo from a government official that defines what would happen if payroll taxes to be to be permanently cut and no alternative source of revenue was used to pay for these benefits. Yet is that the president’s plan?

Is this the plan?

While Goss states in his letter that he is “… not aware that anyone has actually proposed the

hypothetical legislation…” argued by the four senators, the president has actually commented publicly on the issue.

At a press conference in Bedminster, new Jersey, the president vowed to do these taxes cuts permanent if he is reelected. The post quotes the president saying, “If ns victorious ~ above Nov. 3, I arrangement to pardon these taxes and also make long-term cuts come the payroll tax. Ns going to make them all permanent.” This indicates at least one half of the claim is true.

Yes, the president claims he to plan to cut off the bloodline of social Security capital (89% in fact). Yet he still has not defined whether or no he will replace the funding with funds from in other places in the budget, or wherein it would certainly come from.

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Needs context. The president has actually talked around terminating the payroll tax, which Social security Works says would get rid of a number of benefits. However, while the president has discussed terminating social Security’s primary capital source, the president has never claimed he will terminate Social security specifically. The president can propose one alternate method to fund Social Security.


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Correction: This fact-check originally labeled the insurance claim “Mostly Legit.” It has actually been updated to “Needs Context.” when the president has discussed terminating social Security’s primary resources source, the president has actually never said he will terminate Social security specifically. 

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