Twice in the previous week, chairman Donald Trump has been asked by trusted anchors -- Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling -- what he wants to carry out in a second term. And also twice that has shown he has actually absolutely no idea.

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"One that the things that will certainly be really good -- the word endure is still good, I always say talent is an ext important 보다 experience, I"ve always said the -- but the word suffer is a very important word, a an extremely important meaning.
"I never did this before, never ever slept over in Washington. I was in Washington possibly 17 time and every one of a suddenly I"m the chairman of the unified States, you recognize the story, riding under Pennsylvania Avenue v our an initial lady and I speak this is an excellent but i didn"t know really many civilization in Washington, that wasn"t mine thing. I was indigenous Manhattan, from brand-new York, and also now I recognize everybody. And also I have great people in the administration. Friend make part mistakes, prefer an idiot choose Bolton, friend don"t need to drop bombs on everybody."
Then, in one interview with Bolling, a former Fox News personality who now works because that Sinclair Broadcasting, Trump quiet couldn"t articulate any reason why he want a second term or what that would execute with one. Again. Inspect out how Bolling teed it up for Trump, and how the President simply said a bunch of words (376 of lock to be exact):
Bolling: "Sean Hannity asked you around your 2nd term, and also the left was upset v it. They said he wasn"t certain what his second term"s every about. Let"s do it. Let"s do a retake on that. What is Donald Trump"s 2nd term -- what"s the main emphasis for that?"
Trump: "Well, i didn"t hear anybody to be upset with it, however I will tell girlfriend it"s very simple: We"re going to do America an excellent again. We"ve rebuilt the military, we have a methods to go. We"ve done points for the vets choose nobody"s ever seen. We can do even much more -- we did choice, together you know, us did accountability. What we"ve excellent nobody"s to be able to do. Yet we have an ext to do.
"Economic development, jobs, trade deals -- the trade deals I"ve made room incredible. We made the good deal v China. The course, together I said, the ink wasn"t dried prior to we gained hit v the China plague. Yet we do the deal. In fact, now is really the first day, the very first official day, the USMCA -- that"s Mexico and Canada. This was NAFTA, one of the worst deals ever before made, among the worst profession deals. We endured with that transaction for many, countless years, and nobody could terminate it. I terminated the -- offered you a brand-new deal. I made a brand-new deal with south Korea. We have many an excellent trade deals. Our nation will it is in so strong.
"At the finish of our very first term, it"s going to it is in great, that would have been phenomenal. We got hit with the plague. In ~ the end of the second term, it"s going come be at a level that nobody will certainly have ever before seen a country. We"re doing it, even if it is it"s trade, whether it"s military -- every made in the USA, so important. Do in the USA. ... We"ve got to bring earlier our manufacturing and also I lugged it back an extremely big, but we need to make our own pharmaceutical products, our very own drugs, prescription drugs.

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"We need to make our own things -- we"re act it currently with steel, we"re law it now with a lot of of different products. I"ve done that. Yet we have the right to do it with a many more. We want to build our very own ships. We don"t want to send the end to other countries to construct ships. So we have actually a many things we can do. We"ve excellent a lot but we have actually a most things we have the right to do."
Even Bolling, that is clear favorably inclined come Trump, can"t fake that Trump answer the question. "Always an excellent to repeat the American windy what you"ve excellent in the an initial three and a fifty percent years," he said after Trump"s extended, uh, riff ~ above what he has done in his an initial term.
Go ago and read those 514 words. I challenge you to discover a solitary one that actually answers the inquiry of why Trump desires a 2nd term or what he will do if he gets one.
* "I constantly say talent is an ext important 보다 experience, I"ve constantly said that -- but the word experience is a an extremely important word, a an extremely important meaning."