Post submitted by Lucas Acosta (he/him), previous Deputy director of Communications, Politics list Trump"s persistent attacks against the LGBTQ ar after the RNC cases he"s bring away "unprecedented steps" in support of the community. chairman Alphonso David: “The RNC is hallucinating and advancing misleading and disingenuous rhetoric. Yes, Trump has actually taken plenty of ‘unprecedented’ steps, however those steps have been to undermine and also eliminate rights protecting LGBTQ people, not empower us. Appointing a little handful the gay human being out of countless nominations and making a very couple of -- and also unfullfilled -- pledges deserve to hardly qualify as accomplishments. Don’t gaslight us. The Trump-Pence administration is the many virulently anti-LGBTQ administration in decades -- the RNC cannot placed lipstick on a pig.”

Here’s a list of attacks the Trump-Pence management has levied versus LGBTQ people:

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Opposition come the Equality Act: Despite support from practically every segment the the U.S. Population and a bulk of Republicans, president Trump opposed the Equality Act. In May, the home passed the Equality Act, voting to guarantee crucial non-discrimination protections because that LGBTQ people amongst other an important rights.Appointed anti-LGBTQ judges: Trump has actually appointed anti-LGBTQ judges with alarming anti-LGBTQ records to appointments at every level of the righteousness system, including anti-equality supreme Court justices Gorsuch and also Kavanaugh and federal nominees Kacsmaryk, Mateer, Bounds, Vitter. Menashi and also others.Joked about Pence’s desire to hang LGBTQ people: In 2017, trumped joked around Vice president Pence’s anti-gay agenda saying “Don’t ask the guy—he wants to cave them all!”

In the Workplace

Supported employment discrimination versus LGBTQ people: The Trump administration submitted amicus briefs come the U.S. Supreme Court sustaining discrimination versus LGBTQ people.Banned transgender business members from the military: Against the expert advice of army leadership, clinical authorities, spending plan analysts, 70% of Americans and also the equipped forces of allied countries, Trump and also Pence banned transgender people from offer in the military.Rolled back Obama-era non-discrimination protections: Trump’s department of righteousness upended vault DOJ interpretations that the Civil legal rights Act that protect transgender and non-binary employees from employed discrimination and ceased obtrude non-discrimination protections and taking a hostile stance to LGBTQ workers in court.Issued preeminence to license discrimination: Trump’s room of job issued a regulation design to permit federal builders to insurance claim a religious exemption to fire LGBTQ workers because of their sexual orientation or sex identity.Kicked civilization living with HIV the end of the military because of your status: The room of Defense instituted a “Deploy or obtain Out” policy, which would remove military personnel living with HIV from company solely since of their status.

In wellness Care

Undermine section 1557 Rule: HHS released a proposed significant change to the administrative rule interpreting ar 1557 the the Affordable treatment Act (ACA) to remove explicit protections for LGBTQ human being in healthcare programs and tasks by not included LGBTQ people from protections from discrimination based upon sex stereotyping and gender identity.Advocated because that the remove of the whole Affordable treatment Act: The Justice room issued a legal filing saying that the totality of the Affordable care Act have to be overturned. This relocate would jeopardize health treatment for end 130 million civilization with preexisting problems like HIV and eliminate non-discrimination protections because that LGBTQ people.Created a religious Discrimination Division: HHS developed a new office whose sole function would it is in to safeguard physicians and also other medical experts who decision to refuse care, consisting of to LGBTQ patients.Proposed cutting end $1.35 billion from PEPFAR budget: In his proposed FY 2019 budget, Trump cut $1.35 exchange rate from, or 29% the PEPFAR’s budget. PEPFAR is the U.S. Government program the fights AIDS abroad.

In Schools

Guidance for colleges on Transgender Students: The departments of Education and also Justice eliminated Obama-era guidance clarifying that schools need to treat transgender students consistent with their sex identity. This motivates schools public representative to permit harassment that transgender students, deny accessibility to facilities continual with gender identity, and also refuse to use correct names and also pronouns -- every inflicting untold emotional harm.Rejected Complaints from Transgender Students: The department of education refused to respond to civil complaints filed by transgender students, consisting of those who were barred indigenous using bathrooms that correspond through their gender identity. This rises the burden for transgender students to combat these harmful policies.Suggested the is agree for institutions to discriminate versus LGBTQ college student while accepting tax-payer funds: Secretary of education Betsy DeVos has actually refused to ascendancy out federal capital for institutions that discriminate versus LGBTQ students and has declined to state she would certainly otherwise intervene have to discrimination occur.Sexual Assault: DeVos rescinded location IX rules related to schools’ obligations to deal with sexual harassment, including sexual violence. By eliminating the Obama-era rules, DeVos raised the traditional of proof indigenous “preponderance of the evidence” come “clear and convincing evidence” making that more complicated for survivors the sexual attack to attain justice. LGBTQ human being are disproportionately influenced by sex-related assault and harassment, and also the stigma that plenty of LGBTQ civilization face have the right to make that more challenging for survivors to report.Eliminated language protecting LGBTQ children participating in the 4-H program: The Trump-Pence administration ordered 4-H program to remove a policy specifically welcome LGBTQ children in the 4-H program, which caused the shoot of an official who protested.Used location IX come discriminate against trans students: the department of Education declared that college policies permitting trans youth to get involved in sports consistent with their gender identity violated federal law and also threatened to withhold funds.

In Housing

Allowed emergency shelters to deny accessibility to transgender and also gender nonconforming people: regardless of the reality that LGBTQ civilization are significantly an ext likely to suffer homelessness in your lives, HUD Secretary Ben Carson has actually proposed a preeminence to allow emergency shelters to deny access or otherwise discriminate versus transgender and also gender nonconforming peoplewho room homeless. HUD additionally canceled a scheduled survey top top LGBTQ homelessness.Placed transgender incarcerated persons in the wrong prison: The commonwealth Bureau of Prisons (BOP) rolled earlier an Obama-era plan that housed transgender prisoners continual with their sex identity. With transgender world experiencing sexual attack at higher rates than average, this decision only puts them at more risk the assault.

In Families

Allowed foster treatment programs to discriminate while agree tax-payer funds: Trump-Pence White House has proposed a federal regulation that would strip away nondiscrimination requirements and also permit all Department that Health and Human services (HHS) approve recipients, notably adoption and foster care agencies, come discriminate versus LGBTQ people, and also in countless circumstances religious minorities and also women, and also still obtain federal funding.Refused vi to partners of diplomats: The State Department started refusing visas because that same-sex partner of some diplomats and U.N. Employees if they space not married.Changed rules to deny surrogate born children citizenship: The Trump management has understood immigration rules specifically so the boy of a same-sex couple born abroad via surrogate would certainly be taken into consideration "born out of wedlock" and also making it more challenging to acquire U.S. Citizenship.

In Representation

Erased transgender people: Trump’s HHS propose a new definition that would narrowly specify sex as either masculine or female, unchangeable, and determined through birth. According to the New York Times: “The new an interpretation would basically eradicate federal recognition of the approximated 1.4 million Americans.” In addition, agency staff, consisting of those at the Centers for condition Control, have actually been instructed to stop using the word transgender in main reports.Eliminated details on LGBTQ rights, mentions, and also representation on government websites: Within hours of Trump’s swearing-in, pages on LGBTQ rights and recognition were gotten rid of from federal government websites, consisting of the White House.Blocked questions regarding sexual orientation from consideration for the census: Trump and also Pence have sought come block questions on sexual orientation native the census in order come erase LGBTQ world from main counts. This would, in turn, protect against the repertoire of critical data the could help improve government programs and also resources because that LGBTQ people.Refused to identify LGBTQ world in nationwide AIDS work Address: Despite being the neighborhood most influenced by the epidemic, Vice president Pence has actually consistently refuse to identify LGBTQ world in his addresses on nationwide AIDS day.

In the World:

Refusing LGBTQ asylum seekers fleeing violence: Trump approve an executive order to develop further obstacles because that all world seeking to enter the U.S., staying clear of refugees indigenous escaping several of the most anti-LGBTQ regimes in the world.Embassy pride Flags: Pence defended the State department directive to half U.S. Embassies throughout the human being from flying the LGBTQ pride Flag during Pride Month.Left the U.N. Person Rights Council: Trump and Pence, over LGBTQ and other issues, gotten rid of the United says from the U.N. Person Rights Council.

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Chechnya: Trump and Pence refused to condemn attacks on LGBTQ civilization in Chechnya, where atrocities against queer civilization are horrific and also ongoing.Brunei: The Trump-Pence administration has refused to guilty of a Brunei legislation that imposes barbaric punishments top top LGBTQ people, including fatality by stoning, torture and whipping.