Jon Stewart says former President Trump
Donald TrumpMan sentenced to nearly four year for to run scam Trump, Biden PACs Meadows says Trump"s blood oxygen level was dangerously low once he had COVID-19 trump card endorses David Perdue in Georgia"s governor race more has "a very good chance" the winning ago the White residence if he enters the 2024 race.

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"I think he’s acquired it — he’s obtained a very great chance. And they’re smarter about it," Stewart said Sunday during an interview with David Remnick at the 22nd annual brand-new Yorker Festival.

"The risk of the coup — again, Jan. 6 is the TV event moment of it," the organize of "The difficulty with Jon Stewart" on apologize TV+, said of the lytic by Trump supporters at the Capitol previously this year. "It’s the special that came out. And also that’s what all the TV networks were focused on."


"He’s brilliant at understanding what will drive the television narratives," Stewart said, referring to Trump.

Stewart additionally predicted that if Trump runs again, it will "all be about Jan. 6 and also "Stop the Steal."" "But what i think they yes, really learned indigenous this practice was there are really particular pivot points within the American electoral system, and those pivot point out are generally the management of elections run by partisans, but not ideologues," that said.

The "actual hazard of what happened" in ~ the Capitol in January, Stewart added, "is that it exposed a fragility at a level the is not flashy, or sexy, or known."

While Trump has actually repeatedly furious a potential 2024 White residence bid, that hasn"t formally declared his candidacy.

"I believed he disqualified himself at every rotate ," the previous "Daily Show" host said the Trump, adding the the former president presented an "antibiotic-resistant strain of populism."

"He come at the right minute for the audience v the right message, and unapologetic. And also in a most ways, i think every time you thought that something was disqualifying or something would certainly defeat him, but for those of united state who have actually been in new York, we probably saw like, if nothing else, the dude’s resilient," Stewart, 58, said.


"Like very few people can bankrupt that numerous things and still proceed on with that kind of success," he quipped.

Stewart additionally knocked the "absurdity" of cancel society in his virtual chat v Remnick.

"People that talk around cancel society never seem come shut the f--- up around it," the comedian said.

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"Like, there’s an ext speech currently than ever before," the said.

"The internet has democratized criticism. What perform we perform for a living, we speak shit, us criticize, we postulate, we opine, us make hoax — and now other people are having their say. And that’s no cancel culture, it is relentlessness."

"We live in a sewage culture," Stewart said. "And the system of the internet and all those various other things space incentivized to find the push points that that and also exacerbate it."