Despite Russia’s harmful nationwide interests versus the U.S., and its human civil liberties violations roughly the world, President Trump and his team space directly and also indirectly tied to Russia.

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Throughout the 2016 presidential election, president Trump not only refused to criticize Russian president Vladimir Putin, but was also friendly and accommodating in his remarks. In his own words, chairman Trump referred to as President Putin “highly respected." More recently, chairman Trump put the U.S. Top top equal ethical footing with Russia once responding to invoice O’Reilly’s question around Putin being a "killer," saying "We"ve gained a many killers... Friend think our country"s so innocent?" This is absolutely false moral equivalence, and unheard of for the president of the United says to insult and demean the country he leads.

President Trump has harshly criticized NATO, and also exclaimed that only the NATO allies that paid equally to the alliance deserved defense from the unified States. Though these remarks were softened by British element Minister Theresa May, who cases that chairman Trump fully supports the north Atlantic Treaty organization (NATO), it"s quiet unclear how supportive he will certainly be that NATO allies choose the Baltic claims in light of his connection with Russia.

President trumped has additionally surrounded himself with civilization who do company with and also are sympathetic to Russia.

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The New York Times reported that members of Trump’s 2016 campaign and also other trump associates had actually frequent contact with senior Russian knowledge officials transparent the campaign. In addition to this questionable communications, here are a few other associates v ties to Moscow:




In addition to these ties, it appears that Trump and his team are conscious of your guilt. In late February 2017, CNN reported the “the FBI garbage a recent White residence request come publicly knock down media reports about communications in between Donald Trump"s associates and also Russians known to united state intelligence during the 2016 presidential campaign.” This request may be a violation of procedures that limits communications in between the White and FBI on pending investigations.

Why is America’s leader and also his team so close to Russia? This is either due to negative judgement or a depth personal, financial, or politics link in between President Trump and Russia. The is not normal for the leader of our nation to be so broadly tied to a international government that has sought to undermine democracies throughout the globe, and also connections choose these must be worrying to American citizens everywhere.