Donald Trump speak at the Carrier tree in Indianapolis ~ above Thursday, announcing a address the firm to keep around 1,000 jobs in the state rather of relocating them come Mexico.

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The decision by the air-conditioner firm comes as a win for the President-elect, who made the issue of retaining manufacturing jobs in the United claims a core financial focus that his campaign. Trump has said he will overhaul the corporate tax code to be much more friendly to businesses choose Carrier, and the company will receive economic incentives precious $7 million, which to be negotiated by evil President-Elect Mike Pence, who is still governor of Indiana, follow to the new York gendergeek.orgs.

Despite the attend to Trump, carrier still plans come close a tree in Huntington, Indiana, i m sorry will an outcome in about 700 jobs moving come Mexico, NBC reported Thursday.

Trump to be confident in his victory tour top top Thursday, presenting a strong message to companies who want to outsource tasks in the future. “There will certainly be consequences,” the said.

Read his complete remarks here:

PENCE: How around another round applause for Greg Hayes, the chairman and also CEO of unified Technologies? it is good to have him in the Hoosier State.


To the executives in ~ United innovations who are with us, executives through Carrier, to the good Carrier team here in Indiana.


To our honored guests, Governor-elect Eric Holcomb, Indiana speak of the home Brian Bosma, Indianapolis mayor Joe Hogsett, my other Hoosiers.

It is an excellent to be earlier home again in Indiana.


And this is a good day for Indiana. And it’s a good day for working human being all throughout the United claims of America.


You know, the state of Indiana is very proud. We are a proud manufacturing state. We are home to short taxes, cautious regulations, good schools and also roads and the ideal workforce in America.

Since the 1950s, Carrier had actually been personally of Indiana’s production success story, and also we’ve to be proud of it.

As governor, i couldn’t be much more pleased and also grateful the — thanks to the initiative and also the leadership of President-elect Donald Trump the Carrier has determined to stay and grow right right here in America.


We are so grateful. We room so thankful that — many thanks to the plan of our president-elect, the I’ll talk around in a minute — and, frankly, many thanks to the confidence of Greg Hayes, unified Technologies and also Bob McDonough at transport — that Carrier has determined to continue to be in Indiana, invest an ext than $16 million in this facility alone, and will keep more than 1,000 work right below in the heart of the Heartland.


What a distinction a year makes.

You know, the reality be told, task announcements are practically a day-to-day thing right here in the state of Indiana. We’re at document employment today. Us have an ext Hoosiers walking to job-related than ever before.

And that’s why, frankly, along with every one of you who work in this facility, that that day, February 10th, was a heartbreaking day, when Carrier made the challenging decision to close this facility and move jobs out of our country.

We met with the leaders of the company back in March, and try as we might to do the Indiana case, it was clear that the die was cast. The straightforward truth was that plans coming out of ours nation’s funding were literally driving jobs out of this country.

What was absent was clean to me as your governor. What was lacking was leadership and change.

Well, the American people voted for adjust last month. And also even prior to taking office, ours president-elect detailed real leadership that made the difference.


PENCE: friend know, President-elect Donald trumped did simply what he claimed he would certainly do. He picked up the phone. Ns was in reality in the room. He choose up the phone. He speak from one American come another. The talked around our plans, our plans to do America more competitive, to reduce taxes, to roll ago regulations, to put American jobs and also American workers an initial again. He made the instance for America.

And Carrier decided to bet on a brighter future for the American people. And also we space grateful indigenous the bottom of our hearts.


I’m very humbled to be standing prior to you today. Ns truly am. My family and I room deeply relocated by the opportunities the people of Indiana have offered us, and also now the American people have provided us, come serve.

But I’m especially humbled as the holidays technique to have played part small role in this exorbitant news, not only here In Indiana yet all throughout this country. Yet I think it’s necessary to give credit where credit is due.

First and foremost, I want to say thanks to — I desire to give thanks to Greg Hayes and also his team at unified Technologies, Bob McDonough and the team in ~ Carrier.

Thank you for renewing your commitment to Indiana and also renewing her commitment come the people of the United says of America.


I additionally just want to thank the an excellent Carrier team here in Indianapolis and in the state the Indiana.

Your tough work, your resilience, your occupational ethic even in disappointing gendergeek.orgs I know for a fact gave this firm the confidence to double down ~ above the future the this firm and the future that the civilization of this state. And also so I give thanks to you, the carrier team, for providing them the confidence come do just that.


But lastly, on behalf of all the world of Indiana, permit me to give thanks to the guy we wouldn’t be right here without for his efforts, because that picking up the phone, for keeping his word, his efforts to bring us to today of renewed hope and promise, not just here in Indiana however really for — for people that recognize that the stamin of this country comes in our capacity to do things and also to flourish things. It’s a renewed day for production in America.

You know, i remember when Donald trumped was to run for president he stated that if the was chosen president the the joined States, America would begin winning again. Well, this particular day America won. And we have Donald Trump come thank.


And I’ve gained a emotion working beside this extraordinary man, this is simply the start of a lot of more an excellent news all throughout America.

So without any kind of further ado, my other Hoosiers, that is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to friend a man of action, a man of his word, and also the president-elect the the United says of America, Donald Trump.


TRUMP: say thanks to you. Thank you, everybody. Thank you an extremely much. Thank you an extremely much. Ns love that red hat. Give thanks to you, everybody.


I desire to thank all of the dignitaries that are with us today. We have actually a whole host: the mayor, governor-elect, great people. It’s a large victory because that the governor-elect. He won very convincingly, therefore we’re really proud the him.

And, friend know, Mike has actually been such a wise decision because that me. When civilization were saying, “I don’t know. How an excellent is he at decision making?” they’d always say, “Yeah, yet he choose Mike Pence. That’s a great decision.” and everybody loves Mike. He’s come to be something really special.


I want to say thanks to Greg Hayes of united Technologies, due to the fact that when I referred to as him he was best there. Ns wish I might have do the call when they were doing their original decision, however it settled just as well, other than ns would have actually liked to have had response a year and a half ago.

We had a tremendous love affair through the state that Indiana. Because if you remember throughout the primaries, this was going to be the firewall. This was whereby they were going to avoid Trump, right? and also that didn’t work-related out too well.

TRUMP: and it to be a firewall — because that me it was a firewall. And we won by 16 points, and also the election we just won by 20 point out — virtually 20 points.


And that was some victory. That’s nice — that’s quite great. And I simply love the people, tremendous people.

So, i got connected because that the love to work I’ve had. This has actually been a very special state to us. And I’ll never ever forget, about a week earlier I was watching the nightly news. Ns won’t say which one, since I don’t desire to offer them credit, due to the fact that I don’t like them much, I’ll be honest.


I don’t prefer them. Not even a tiny bit.

But they were doing a story top top Carrier, and I say, “Wow, that’s something. I want to view that.”

And they had a gentleman, worker, good guy, handsome guy, he was on, and it was choose he didn’t also know they to be leaving. He said something to the effect, “No, we’re not leaving, because Donald trump card promised united state that we’re not leaving,” and I never thought ns made the promise. Not with Carrier. Ns made it for everybody else. Ns didn’t make it yes, really for Carrier.

And ns said, “What’s he saying?” and also he was such a believer, and also he was such a an excellent guy. That said, “I’ve been with Donald Trump indigenous the beginning, and also he make the statement that Carrier’s not going anywhere, they’re no leaving.”

And I’m speak to myself, “Man.”

And then they play my statement, and I said, “Carrier will never leave.” yet that was a euphemism. I was talking around Carrier prefer all various other companies from here on in. Since they do the decision a year and a half ago.

But he thought that the was — and I can understand it. Ns actually stated — i didn’t do it — once they played that, ns said, “I did make it, yet I didn’t typical it quite that way.”

So now because of him, anyone that male was — is that in the room, by any chance? That’s your son? stand up, girlfriend did a great job.


You did a great job, right? That’s fantastic. And I love your shirt.

Oh, wow.


Put that on, cameras, go ahead. Put it on.

Well, your kid is great. And also he intended that, didn’t he? that really meant it.

At an initial I said, “I wonder if he’s gift sarcastic, because this ship has actually sailed.” and then I said — it to be 6:30 in the evening, and also I said, “Boy, the first thing I’m going to execute is walk there and — say do I contact the head that Carrier,” who’s a an excellent guy, but I’ve constantly learned I’ve got to speak to the top, and I heard about Greg Hayes. He’s a an excellent executive.

You know, i don’t recognize if you know, joined Technologies is among the peak 50 suppliers in the united States, and one the the top companies almost everywhere in the world. Castle make numerous other things various other than wait conditioners, believe me. Their list of providers is incredible.

So I dubbed Greg Hayes. I heard the him, but I never met him. And also he choose up the phone, “Mr. President-elect, sir, exactly how are you?” It’s wonderful to win. You understand that. Think if I shed he wouldn’t have actually returned my call. Ns don’t know if — whereby is Greg?

I don’t know, would you — if ns lost and also called you ns don’t think girlfriend would have called. I would have actually tried for you, but I think it would have actually been tougher, right? What perform you think, Greg?

Yes, he’s sort of nodding yes, you’re right.


But I called Greg and also I said, “It’s yes, really important, we have to do something. Due to the fact that you have actually a lot of of human being leaving and also you need to understand, us can’t enable this to take place anymore through our country. So many jobs room leaving and also going to other countries. Not simply Mexico, many, countless countries. And China is do so much of our product that we’re closing up a the majority of plants.”

And ns mean, I wrote down part numbers that room incredible, yet the numbers of manufacturing tasks that space lost, especially in the Rust Belt — and the Rust Belt is for this reason incredible. However we’re shedding companies, it’s — it’s unbelievable, one after ~ another, simply one ~ another.

So i said, “Greg, you’ve got to aid us out here. We acquired to sit down. We acquired to carry out something.” and I said, “Because we just can’t let it happen.”

Anyway, he to be incredible. And also he said, “I understand.” and also I said, “I wish ns made this call a year and a fifty percent ago, the would have been a lot easier call.”

Only due to the fact that of her son, OK, think me? your son, whoever the hell your kid is, these world owe him a lot. And I simply went through — he’s the end in the factory. I assumed they were every going to it is in in this room. This room’s not huge enough.


TRUMP: Yes, ns know. I don’t know who arranged the one. Since I had actually — we simply visited a thousand people in the manufacturing facility that are going wild, in the plant.

TRUMP: but I will certainly tell you that united Technologies and Carrier stepped it up and also now they’re maintaining — in reality the number’s end 1,100 people, i beg your pardon is so great, which is so great (ph).


And I see the people. Ns shook hands v a the majority of the people. They’re right behind united state working. Ns guess, what is it, you’re so — you’re do so plenty of air conditioners you didn’t want to also have lock come off for a half hour. He’s a cruel boss. He’s ruthless. However that’s OK.

You know, i did speak one thing to the carrier folks and to the United modern technologies folks. Ns said, the goodwill the you have stimulated by act this, all over the world, frankly, however within our country, you clock how quick you’re walk to make it up. Because so many civilization are walking to be buying transport air conditioners. Girlfriend know, we’ve had such assist here.

Bobby Knight, nobody in Indiana ever before heard of Bobby Knight. How good is Bobby Knight?


Lou Holtz, Gene Keady, we had actually such incredible support.

But I’ll never ever forget, a friend of mine dubbed up and said during the primaries, the said, friend know, if you might get Coach Knight. And also I said, girlfriend know, Coach Knight referred to as me a year ago. This was a year before I chose to run. The said, if you ever before run, I’m supporting you.

I said, thanks, Coach, I simply don’t know if I’m walking to be doing it.

And then, once he said, if you can get Coach knight — I’ll tell you, I acquired Coach Knight. How an excellent was Bobby article as far as we’re pertained to in Indiana? Is the right?


We obtained Bobby Knight. Ripe hundred wins, two championships, right? Two, or three championships, Olympic yellow medal, Pan to be Games. Yet — and also he to be unbelievable. The wouldn’t stop. He was simply going every over. He to be the greatest guy. We came into an arena, Greg, and also we had 16,000 world inside, outside. We had actually I think 10,000 outside. That was…

And ns left. This was three weeks prior to the primary, and I left. Ns said, how are us going to lose Indiana with this? ns didn’t think us were going to lose, and we didn’t. Us won big. However so I want to thank every one of those folks due to the fact that it really promoted Indiana, and also with a many other cases.

So, united Technologies has stepped up. And also I have to say this, lock did that in such a nice and also such a skilled way. And they’re walking to invest so much money on renovating this plant. And I said, Greg, say the number. Friend know, he said $16 million. Well, the minimum number is 16. It’s going come be, in my opinion, a lot much more than that. The said, well, I’d fairly say the reduced number. See, I’d rather have him say the greater number, so ns won’t to speak it. OK? It’s just a difference in philosophy. Execute you agree? Both room OK, yet a difference in philosophy.

But they’re going come spend much more than 16. They’re walking to spend a most money on the plant. And also I claimed to several of the folks, i said, providers are not going to leaving the United states any much more without consequences. No going to happen. It’s no going to happen, I’ll phone call you ideal now.


We’re shedding our — we’re losing so much.

So among the points we’re doing to save them is we’re going come lowering our organization tax indigenous 35 percent, hopefully under to 15 percent, which would certainly take united state from the highest-taxed national virtually in the civilization — this is disastrous for service — to one of the reduced taxed. No the shortest yet, but one the the lower taxed.

The various other thing we’re law is regulations. The regulations room — in fact, if i asked Greg and your folks, girlfriend would more than likely say regulations might be worse for you than even the high taxes, i beg your pardon is the best surprise the the whole political experience. I thought taxes would certainly be number one. Regulations would be increase there part place. Think me, these great leaders of industry, and also even the small business human being who are simply being crushed, if they have actually their choice between lower taxes and also a major, enormous cutting of regulations, they would certainly take the regulations. Ns don’t know just how you feel about that, Greg.

But I just noticed — I composed down since I heard the — since about six years ago, 260 new federal regulations have actually passed, 53 the which influence this plant. Fifty-tree brand-new regulations. Giant expensive and probably none of them amount come anything in state of safety and security or the points that you’d have actually regulations for. Six of eight of the air conditioning providers right currently are located in Mexico, 6 of eight. Ns mean, think of that. And also 80 percent of the it is provided chain for Mexico — 80 percent — is located in Mexico. And also we’re not going to have actually it any type of more. So, we’re not going to have it any more.

And we choose Mexico. Us think it’s wonderful. I was there 3 months earlier with the president of Mexico. Great guy. Yet we need to have a same shake. We’re not gaining anything. We have actually NAFTA, i m sorry is a total and also complete disaster. It’s a total and also complete disaster.


It’s a one-lane highway right into Mexico. Nothing comes our way, whatever going their way. And I don’t have to mention who signed it anymore, it’s therefore nice. I don’t have actually to mention who donate it anymore, right? we don’t have actually to cite that anymore, fortunately.

TRUMP: however it’s a one-way street. And also it’s walking to be changed. It’s going to be changed. We have to lug our work back. And also when they expand — among the things that make me so happy is when Greg said that they have over 10,000 jobs that they’re going to be producing in the very near future, and also now he’s looking come the unified States instead of external of the united States, wherein almost every one of those jobs would have gone.

So, among the reasons I wanted to do this specific conference is it’s for this reason great. Therefore many civilization in the various other — that big, large beautiful plant behind us, which will certainly be even more beautiful in around seven months from now. They’re so happy. They’re going to have actually a an excellent Christmas. That’s many important.

But also, I simply want come let all of the various other companies recognize that we’re going come do good things for business. There’s no factor for castle to leaving anymore because your taxes space going come be at the very, an extremely low end, and your unnecessary regulations space going to be gone.

We require regulations for safety and also environment and things. But most the the regulations room nonsense — become a major industry, the writing of regulations. And that these providers aren’t going to it is in leaving anymore. They’re not going to be acquisition people’s mind out. They’re no going to it is in announcing, like they did in ~ Carrier, that they’re close up door up and they’re moving to Mexico — over 1,100 jobs.

And through the way, the number is walking to go up very substantially as they increase this area, this plant. Therefore the 1,100 is walk to it is in a minimum number.

So I simply want to say thanks to everybody and also specifically i just have to thank the world that i met backstage — incredible human being — the spirit, the love. Civilization are crying. I mean, they’re all crying. And also it’s taken united state a tiny while, however think of this. I don’t think we even announced us were running once this deal was originally announced.

And in the end, what happened is — due to the fact that that makes it much an ext difficult. Ns mean, it’s hard to negotiate when the plant is built. You recognize what Greg said? Greg said, “But, friend know, the plant is nearly built, right?” i said, “Greg, i don’t care; that doesn’t make any difference; don’t worry about it.” “What room we going to perform with the plant?” “Rent it; sell it; knock it down. Ns don’t care.”

But we’re going to do — and they’re walk to carry out fine v their plant. I don’t know if they’re walking to have the ability to do v an American company, yet we’ll number that out.


But wherein we’re starting is native a much simpler place. That’s hard, a year-and-a-half-ago they do an announcement. And, you know, all of that occupational is done. Which is why I have actually such respect. I would say great business people, they have flexibility. You know, if you’re hardline, “Well, we’re no going to move.” Flexibility. That’s why they’ve done so fine over the years. That’s why it’s a great company due to the fact that they have flexibility.

But we’re no going to need so much adaptability for other companies because we space going to have a situation where they’re going come know, number one, we’re going come treat them well. And number two, there will certainly be consequences, an interpretation they will certainly be taxed really heavily at the border if they desire to leave, fire all your people, leave, make product in various companies — in various countries, and then think they’re walk to sell that product over the border.

Which, through the way, will be a very strong border, a very strong border. Believe me.


And ns think providers — oh, we’re walking to construct the wall. Civilization are saying: do you think Trump’s walking to construct the wall? to trust me, we’re going to construct a wall. And by the way, people are going come come v that wall. We’re going to have actually doors in that wall, but they’re going come come through legally.

And world are going come come with on worker patent to occupational the fields. We’re going come have world — a lot of civilization are going come come through. But it’s walk to be done through a legal process.


But one point that’s no going come come through is medicine — the drugs room going to stop.


The drugs space going to stop.

So, I simply want come thank every one of the people at joined Technologies, most an especially you, due to the fact that you room fantastic, Greg. I want to thank, and also I desire you to tell me just how much — how plenty of air conditioning devices you marketed in the last 6 months native today, due to the fact that I desire to say i think it’s walking to it is in a number that even will surprised your folks since of the significant goodwill that you’ve created.

I want to thank all of the employees at this plant, all of the carrier workers most importantly.

(APPLAUSE) I want to say thanks to my great, an excellent vice president-elect. Because, I’ll tell you what, one of the really great decisions — however I desire to give thanks to Mike. And also we’re going to be doing this. And if I need to tell you, friend know, act speeches, I’d to speak — they to speak it’s no presidential to speak to up these substantial leaders that business. Ns think it’s very presidential. And if it’s no presidential, that’s OK. That’s OK. Since I actually choose doing it.


TRUMP: but we’re walking to have actually a many of great people that can additionally do it, and also do it and I carry out it. Yet we’re walk to have a the majority of phone calls made to companies as soon as they speak they’re thinking about leaving this country, because they’re not leaving this country. They’re not going to leave this country. And the workers are going to save their jobs.

And they can leave native state to state, and they can negotiate good deals v the different states, and all of that. Yet leaving the country is walk to be very, really difficult.

So, I desire to give thanks to everybody. Us love girlfriend folks. I desire to really, really say thanks to the civilization of Indiana. We had two massive victories in a very, very short duration of

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And every one of the workers have a great, good Christmas and a an excellent New Year. Give thanks to you an extremely much, everybody. Thank you. Say thanks to you. Say thanks to you an extremely much.