Down v the years, numerous U.S. Presidents delighted in playing golf and also Dwight D. Eisenhower also went as far as happen it come the White home lawn. The is thought to have actually played at the very least 800 rounds, making the America"s all-time golfer-in-chief. Fast-forward to the present day and President Trump has actually come under constant scrutiny because that the lot of time he has spent out on the golf course. It was nearly inevitable the he remained in the middle of a ring at the Trump national Golf club in Virginia top top Sunday when media networks called the 2020 election for Joe Biden. So simply how countless rounds that golf has actually Trump played since he took office and does that come all over close come the immortal Eisenhower?

According come data preserved by the website, the 45th U.S. President has actually clocked increase 285 daytime access time to golf clubs because his inauguration, with proof of golf being played top top at least 142 occasions up to November 08, 2020. Even though the comes nowhere near Eisenhower"s tally (though having a food at the White home was more convenient then jetting down to Mar-a-Lago), it is higher than Obama"s 105 rounds during the same time period. As soon as a president decides to take it a golfing trip, it is a nice expensive undertaking v transport top top Air pressure One, an enig Service Protection and accommodation all quickly including up.

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While Eisenhower might step external the office for a round, approximates that Trump"s golfing trips have price American taxpayers $142 million for this reason far. That full includes $59 million precious of trips to Mar-a-Lago ~ above Air pressure One, along with a long list of various other items such as bills for shore Guard protection at the Florida property. The creators the the website have declared that they are tracking Trump"s golf count in the wake of a promise the made back in august 2016 as soon as he said "I"m going come be working for you. I"m not going to have actually time to walk play golf".

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Estimated number of times president Trump played golf due to the fact that his inauguration

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