In the video shared by a local news outlet, the 74-year-old politician is watched walking ~ above the golf food to a ball and gently placing it in a feet from a an extremely short street -- simply a few steps away.

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Many roasted the previous US President for his bad golfing skill.

After finally leaving the White home for his sprawling mansion in Florida, previous US chairman Donald Trump has been enjoy it his golfing sessions when again. However, a recent video clip being widely mutual online has actually left golf pan miffed together he is seen “cheating” on the moss.

While the billionaire-businessman-turned politician was watched enjoying a golfing session in ~ his Doral golf resort in Miami, his putting skill left plenty of irked online.

In the video clip shared through a neighborhood news outlet, the 74-year-old politician is watched walking ~ above the golf food to a ball and gently putting it in a feet from a very short street — simply a couple of steps away. The keeps walking along it directing it into the hole and also quickly scoops the out together it start the hole.

The footage, which captured by Landon Michelson, a expert golfer from a distance, obtained everyone talk online. Together Michelson mutual the clip, a person is heard chuckling in the end of the video seeing Trump’s action on the grass.

Donald Trump gives a putting clinic yesterday in ~ the Trump nationwide Doral Miami #BecauseMiami

— because Miami (
BecauseMiami) in march 4, 2021

As the video started to carry out rounds of society media platforms, plenty of poked funny at the former president because that cheating. While part joked the their little children execute the very same while play miniature golf, others wondered exactly how he have the right to be so bad after playing golf every his life.

So – here’s Donald Trump giving himself this one yesterday at the Trump national Doral Miami.

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As a challenger it’s offensive. Just Putt that out, dude.

If you’ll cheat in golf you will do it cheat at anything…

— Rex Chapman