Gilmore Girls: Why did Chad Michael Murray's Tristan Leave? Chad Michael Murray"s Tristan Dugray failed to romance Rory Gilmore. The character"s poor boy antics brought about his abrupt departure from the show.

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during season 1, Rory left Stars hole High institution to to visit the prestigious Chilton Preparatory institution to rise her chances of obtaining into Harvard. The change wasn"t an easy one, and Rory wasn"t adopted by the elite private school"s privileged and also unwelcoming college student body led by Paris Gellar (Liza Weil). Rory additionally found herself fighting off the handsome but arrogant Tristan"s advances, whose habits became more provocative as soon as she failed to return his affections. End time, the pair grew closer together Rory learned the underneath Tristan"s swagger lurked a decent male plagued through insecurities and also fear the rejection.

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During season 2, illustration 9, "Run Away tiny Boy," a school project required Tristan and Rory come play the title duties in a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Tristan"s lack of attention in academics and also his significantly rebellious behavior infuriated both Paris and Rory. Additional complicating matters to be Tristan"s dangers to call Rory"s an initial love, Dean Forester, around a kiss he and Rory common in the wake of Rory and Dean"s season 1 breakup. ~ Tristan failed to display up for your performance, Rory learned he to be leaving Chilton: his punishment because that getting recorded breaking right into a classmate"s parent"s safe. Tristan called Rory his dad was sending him to army school in north Carolina. There to be chemistry in between Tristan and also Rory, and he embodied attributes she to be attracted come in future love interests. Matt Czuchry"s Logan Huntzberger was additionally flirtatious and also arrogant, and also in the days prior to he met Rory expelled from numerous private schools. During season 3, Rory would ditch Dean (Jared Padalecki) in donate of one more bad boy, Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia).

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Chad Michael Murray"s breakout function was play Lucas Scott top top One Tree Hill. The show ran because that nine seasons (2003-2012) and also aired very first on The WB, and after that The CW (He exited the collection after season 6.) He also appeared in the remake of Freaky Friday (2003) with Lindsay Lohan. His various other films, A Cinderella Story (2004) and House the Wax (2005) cemented his status as both a large and little screen heartthrob for lot of the decade. Murray continued to job-related steadily adhering to One Tree Hill, return his popularity waned. He took pleasure in a career renewal playing cult leader Edgar Evernever ~ above Riverdale in 2019.

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While Tristan was mentioned throughout Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (fans will certainly recall the Tristan sighting sent Paris into a tailspin), Chad Michael Murray did not reprise the role. "I heard , and also I wasn"t available at the time. I"m pretty confident I was having a infant – my very first child," the actor told ET in 2017. The blink-or-you"ll-miss-it Tristan moment compelled a recast, for this reason Tristan was played by Anton Narinskiy (Jane the Virgin). There room no definitive plans for another Gilmore Girls revival, however if fans obtain their way, Murray will certainly have one more chance to revisit the halls of Chilton.