Trisha Yearwood and also Garth Brooks have actually a helluva love story — the sort worthy the a country song. As soon as the longtime pair tied the knot back in 2005, Yearwood didn"t just become a wife, she came to be a stepmom come Brooks" 3 daughters. The singer-songwriter constantly wanted to be a mother, informing The nation Daily just a few years prior to getting married, "I"d love to have actually children. Mine mother had two youngsters by the moment she was 35. My sister is 38 and she"s acquired three children."

Yearwood explained that she formerly thought of she career together her baby. Together the nation superstar admitted, "I"ve never thought I won"t be complete without children. I"ve only cared about my music. But I desire a life past my music and also I don"t have that now." Yearwood is now a stepmother, which has proven fruitful in many ways for her. 

When Yearwood an initial became a part of the Brooks family, the "Friends in short Places" hit-maker advised her, "Don"t shot to be your mom and don"t try to it is in their best friend, you"ll discover your way," together per People.

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Yearwood admitted that it took part time because that them to discover their groove, particularly with Brooks" daughters" mother, Sandy Mahl, to contend with, too. Mahl to be married come the country star native 1986 to 2001 and also they share 3 kids: Taylor, August, and Allie.

Although Allie admitted to Good Housekeeping the her Dad wasn"t the best cook, largely making castle frozen chicken and boxed mac and also cheese complying with the divorce, as soon as he began seeing Yearwood, everything readjusted and all of sudden there was suitable home-cooked food again. When the couple got hitched, Brooks told his children to take treatment of Yearwood, too, and Allie responded, "We"ve got your back, bra strap!" according to Today.

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In 2017, Yearwood gushed come People around how lot she loves gift a stepmom. "Now together these girls have grown — they"re adults currently on their own — it"s to be a part of mine life that ns would have actually never would certainly have ever known come dream around and it"s to be so profitable to acquire to be a part of this family," she shared, describing herself as a "bonus mom." her favorite vacation tradition entails the whole family spending top quality time together.

Yearwood said Pop Culture, "The biggest tradition that we"ve done due to the fact that the girls were tiny is come decorate the tree together. And also even despite we room all in various places and also the girls are grown, the is tho a tradition." The couple"s wedding anniversary is likewise a family affair, together the country legend revealed to Entertainment Tonight. Brooks gushed, "All five of us reap our anniversary together. We"ll walk somewhere come dinner, and also it will be 5 minutes until I realize I"m the weak link of the chain of every the females there, and it"ll just be great."