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Congrats come Tony Stewart and Leah Pruett top top their current engagement!

On Thursday, march 18, Stewart announced the he and also girlfriend Leah Pruett, a renowned NHRA height Fuel drag racer, would be obtaining married. They had been dating because last March.

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So excited to invest the rest of mine life through a truly remarkable woman. She motivated, tough working, funny as hell, and also as dedicated to her sports as anyone I’ve ever before known. Love friend babe. Pic.twitter.com/AMJ9sQtjwz

— Tony Stewart (

In Twitter and Instagram posts, Stewart wrote, “So excited to invest the remainder of mine life with a truly impressive woman. She?s motivated, difficult working, funny as hell, and also as dedicated to her sports as everyone I?ve ever before known. Love you babe.”

In her very own social media write-ups announcing the engagement, Pruett added, “The undeniable level of love, happiness and also soulfulness we have actually together is monumental.”

“He can run in circles however he is a right shooter and also the salt the this Earth. Looking front to a life time of sunrises and sunsets the the Lord has actually gifted us together. Love girlfriend babe!”

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Both Stewart and also Pruett have dominated at their corresponding motorsports. The 49-year-old Stewart has because retired from gyeongju in NASCAR full-time, however during his career, he ended up being a three-time NASCAR Cup collection champion (2002, 2005 and 2011), and also racked increase a complete of 49 Cup wins. Stewart is also a 2020 NASCAR room of Famer and a effective NASCAR team owner, as he co-owns Stewart-Haas Racing. The 32-year-old Pruett, on the various other hand, is currently a peak Fuel racer because that Don Schumacher Racing and is also a seven-time peak Fuel National event Winner.

But, earlier to your love story.

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As it turns out, Stewart and also Pruett first met once they were presented to each various other via FaceTime conference through NHRA legend Don Prudhomme. Critical year, at the start of the lockdowns in unified States resulted in by the coronavirus pandemic, Pruett invited Stewart to remain with friends in ~ Lake Havasu in Arizona. They’ve to be together ever since.

?My an individual life is the ideal it’s ever before been, by far,? Stewart said. ?She gets me. And I gain going to her events and being the one doing the supporting. I mean, if she wanted me to support her in ~ basket-weaving competitions I probably wouldn’t gain it, yet I am very happy with this relationship and also where mine life is appropriate now.?