The guy of the hour at the 2020 gold Globes? Tom Hanks, that was not just being honored with the Cecil B. DeMille Award, but was additionally nominated because that his portrayal of mr Rogers in A Beautiful job in the Neighborhood.

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To storage the honor, all of Hanks" family—including mam Rita Wilson and also his 4 children—made a rarely joint red carpet figure to support the above Hollywood actor.

In an emotionally speech to accept his award, the 63-year-old legend teared increase while thanking his family. "A guy is blessed v a family sitting under front choose that. A wife that is great in every who space braver and stronger and wiser than their old male is...I can"t tell you just how much her love way to me."

In a November 2019 interview with the New York Times, Hanks opened up about his experiences together a father, explaining the difference in circumstances between his eldest two children and also the youngest. "My kid Colin to be born as soon as I was really young. And my daughter, yet that means we have this gestalt understanding since they remember when their dad was just a man trying to, you know, make the rent. My other kids, they to be born after ns had created a beachhead in every way. And also so their stays were just different."

Regardless of the differences, however, Hanks do it clean just how much the loves all of his children: "The only thing really, i think, eventually a parent deserve to do is say ns love you, there’s naught you have the right to do wrong, you can not hurt mine feelings, ns hope you will certainly forgive me ~ above occasion, and what execute you require me to do? You offer up that to them. Ns will do anything I have the right to possibly do in bespeak to store you safe.”

So who are the world lucky sufficient to be Tom Hanks" children? meet the family, from eldest Colin Hanks to youngest, Truman Theodore.

Colin Hanks, 42


The eldest of the Hanks children, Colin to be born to Tom and an initial wife Samantha Lewes when his father was simply 21 year old.

He later followed his father"s footsteps right into the exhilaration business, showing up in films like Orange County, King Kong, and the Jumanji series, plus TV shows choose The an excellent Guys, and Roswell. He has actually been nominated because that a gold Globe and also an Emmy for his sustaining actor duty in the TV series Fargo. And like his dad, he likewise played Mr. Rogers—but because that his part, it remained in a Comedy central episode of Drunk History in 2018.

In addition to his acting career, in November 2018 Colin also started a handkerchief company aptly named "Hanks Kerchiefs."

Now, Colin has actually a family of his own. In may 2010, that married Samantha Bryant, and also Tom Hanks is currently a proud grandpa come the couple"s 2 children: Olivia Jane, born in 2011, and Charlotte Bryant, born in 2013.

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The 2nd child from Tom Hank"s an initial marriage and also his only daughter, Elizabeth is a writer who has also dipped she toe right into acting by showing up in little roles alongside her famed father. She IMDB page credits her with several roles choose "school bus girl" in Forrest Gump, and also "Bored Girl in dress Shop" in That thing You Do!

Shortly ~ the 2020 golden Globes, she post a proud tribute to her father on Instagram: "Team Hanks is proud. Ns am proud and much more than that, happy to have actually a father who has actually taught me to tell the truth. To move forward. The the hang is the best component of circus life, and that come make art is a gift indigenous the Gods."

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