Leah Remini thinks the Tom Cruise is waiting till Suri Cruise, his 14-year-old daughter through ex-wife Katie Holmes, is older so he deserve to indoctrinate her right into Scientology.

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“Scientology considers Katie a suppressive human being which is one enemy and also therefore Tom believes, choose all Scientologists, that he can’t be linked to Suri,” Remini, 50, said The Post. “I’m sure his master plan is come wait until Suri it s okay older so that he can tempt her right into Scientology and away from she mother.”

The “King of Queens” star likewise admitted being surprised once Holmes abruptly left Cruise in 2012.

“I knew Katie when she was in and also she seemed very indoctrinated into Tom’s world,” she said, “but together time went on, and I construed why she go what she did to safeguard her daughter … I’m just assuming the there’s some type of commitment to protect her daughter.”

Reps because that Cruise did no respond come The Post’s request for comment.

Still, Remini included that she is “really proud” of Holmes “for obtaining her daughter the end of something the would have been potentially very toxic and dangerous for not only Suri but for your relationship.”

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Remini was increased as a Scientologist native 9 after her mommy joined the organization. She left in 2013 after questioning the regulating style the the church’s leader, David Miscavige.

Two year later, she released a memoir, “Troublemaker: making it through Hollywood and Scientology.” The actress also had a documentary series on A&E — “Leah Remini: Scientology and also the Aftermath” — which delved into former Scientologists’ experiences since leaving the group.

Upon finding out the show’s 2019 collection finale would emphasis on allegations the church plan prohibits members from report accusations of sexual and physical violence to authorities, a rep for the Church the Scientology said The write-up at the time:

“Leah Remini has blood on her hands. She show’s lies, distortions and also exhortations to hate and also bigotry created assassination threats against the leader of the Scientology religion, physical attacks on churches, and also the murder of a Scientology spiritual worker whose neck was slashed by a madman egged on through Remini’s horrendous distortions. Perpetrators that were jailed for your crimes named Remini as their inspiration.”

Tom Cruise and daughter Suri leave Manhattan through helicopter at the West side Heliport in 2012.WireImage

In July, however, Remini and also another former Scientologist, Mike Rinder, launched a podcast, “Scientology: fair Game,” as a way to continue the conversation in real time versus a television series.

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The “Second Act” actress also alleges that Cruise is “not a great person” and “continues come sit by and watch people’s lives get destroyed, consisting of the loss of his ideal friend’s wife, Shelly Miscavige, who has actually not been viewed in public in 15 years.”

Even though Remini has her home checked because that bugs and also takes precautions, she refuses to bow come pressure.

“At the finish of the day, i can’t live my life in are afraid of doing the right thing due to the fact that I’m fearful the something is walk to occur to me. Ns mean, I have actually a daughter, that’s whereby really my worry is. I don’t desire my daughter to ever before get recorded up in this.”