If you"re a pan of going to the movies, odds space you"ve viewed at the very least one Tom Cruise project. The "Mission: Impossible" star is absurdly famous approximately the world. As a result, countless parts that his life have actually played the end in an extremely public methods on very public stages. 

Cruise is likewise a dad to 3 children. He shares his oldest, Isabella and Connor, through ex-wife Nicole Kidman, and also his youngest, Suri, through ex-wife Katie Holmes. While it"s clear the Cruise has actually a good relationship through Isabella and Connor, and also both children are energetic members that his Scientology belief (per The U.S. Sun), it"s much less clear what kind of relationship — if any — that he has actually with Suri. In fact, as soon as Holmes and Cruise divorced, that affirmed that Holmes" desire to keep Suri out of the Scientology belief was a factor in their separation (per HuffPost).

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The last public image of Cruise and Suri date all the way back come 2012, when the two were snap visiting Disneyland (per Yahoo!). Here"s a look right into Tom Cruise"s relationship with Suri and where it stands today.

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Like a many expectant parents, Tom Cruise was ecstatic around the brewing arrival of his third child, Suri Cruise. In fact, he to be so excited around Suri that he reportedly bought his own ultrasound device so the he might see her every day. Cruise told Barbara Walters about the purchase, which can price up to $200,000 (per BBC News). He seemed to recognize that the purchase was ~ above the lavish end, as he reassured world that the machine would it is in donated to a hospital ~ Katie Holmes provided birth.

However, not everyone believed the act to be a an excellent idea. In fact, the American academy of Ultrasound in medicine issued a declare condemning the act, noting that the purchase bordered on abusing the equipment. President Lennard Greenbaum, MD, said, in part, the "Tom Cruise"s recent purchase of one ultrasound machine for personal use at residence is both inappropriate and also in violation the FDA rule addressing the sale of clinical equipment."

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Tom Cruise and also Katie Holmes invited Suri Cruise on April 18, 2006. From every accounts, and also especially from Cruise"s, Suri"s arrival right into the world was fairly extraordinary. In fact, only a few days after she birth, Cruise explained the experience to "20/20" and still appeared in awe of whatever he saw (via abc News). He said, "It was everything that we wanted it come be. ... It to be spiritual. It was powerful. It to be indescribable."

Plenty that outlets mutual news the Suri"s birth, together public attention in the child was quite high. CBS News noted the Suri sweet 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and clocked in at 20 inch long. A representative because that Cruise and also Holmes likewise shared information around her name, noting the Suri has Hebrew origins and can average "princess," as well together Persian roots, which could give her name the definition "red rose." 

Notably, Cruise and Holmes were also able to leaving their home to head come the hospital in private, i beg your pardon was rather a feat considering the huge amount of fist they to be receiving in ~ the time.

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In 2004, a then-engaged Katie Holmes admitted come Seventeen that she had actually once fantasized around marrying Tom Cruise (per HuffPost). Fast-forward a few years, and Holmes uncovered herself walking away from the very marriage she as soon as said she wanted.

From every appearances, Tom Cruise and daughter Suri had a hard parent-child connection up till 2012. The was the year the Katie Holmes filed for divorce in a relocate that apparently surprised Cruise. While speaking to German TV network ProSieben (via CBS News), he admitted that he didn"t see the divorce coming at all, saying, "I didn"t suppose it." he added, "Life is a tragicomedy. You require to have actually a sense of humor."

It appears that after the recovered indigenous the shock the his wife of 6 years wanting a divorce, that bounced earlier pretty quickly. InStyle listed that the 2 were able to work-related through their divorce pretty quickly, with a negotiation being got to after just 11 days. 

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While Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been quite quiet when it comes because that the specific hows and also whys of their divorce, as soon as pushed, Cruise absolutely let something slip: One of huge reasons Holmes said she want a divorce was reportedly to "protect" their daughter, Suri, native Cruise"s religion, Scientology. The admission come out during his deposition throughout a libel sue he filed against a tabloid. Once asked if Holmes felt she had actually to protect Suri by leaving the relationship, as reported by HuffPost, he first replied the the concern was "offensive" and that "there is no require to protect my daughter from mine religion," prior to saying, "Did she speak that? the was among the assertions, yes."

On peak of that, Cruise likewise admitted the Suri to be no longer a practicing member of the religious beliefs (per TMZ). When HuffPost asserts this way Suri has actually now been understood a "suppressive person" in the eyes of the Church that Scientology, there have actually been no publicly statements made to the effect. Notably, "suppressive" people are often, if not always, "cut off" native those that space still active members the Scientology.

Tom Cruise and also Katie Holmes hammered the end the details of their divorce negotiation in 11 job (per InStyle), which is nice remarkable. Surprisingly to many, Cruise was no awarded custody that the pair"s daughter, Suri Cruise, at all, and instead walked away from the discussions through visitation civil liberties only. In fact, Tom Cruise to be told he have the right to visit with Suri as much as 10 job a month, follow to us Weekly.

Cruise also committed to a relatively hefty amount for son support, and TMZ reported that he pays over $33,000 a month for Suri"s care. While that"s noting to sniff at, it"s a far cry from the amount a judge could have more than likely ordered the to pay if the divorce had gone come court, especially as his all at once net worth is thought to be about $600 million (per Celebrity net Worth). Cruise is also in fee of covering any necessary prices Suri might rack up, consisting of medical and also dental insurance, schooling, and also college, and also he also funds extracurricular tasks (per TMZ).

Even despite the custody agreement struck between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes provides it clear that he can see their daughter, Suri Cruise, because that 10 job a month, it seems choose he hasn"t been able to make the happen. On height of that, a source apparently close come the situation told united state Weekly that this seems to be a deliberate choice that Cruise is making. The resource told the publication, "Every human is allowed to check out their child if they wanted to. The chooses no to due to the fact that she is not a Scientologist."

Outspoken doubter of Scientology Tony Ortega speak to us Weekly about what can be going on behind closed doors, explaining that it"s feasible Holmes signed a document agreeing no to speak bad of the faith in order to get complete custody. Ortega added that Holmes only had one objective: come take care of Suri. He said, "She want to obtain away and also she wanted to gain Suri."

Things only gained messier because that Tom Cruise in the year after his divorce was finalized. In 2013, that admitted the he hadn"t watched his youngest kid for at the very least 100 days, explaining that his prolonged absence was as result of his filming schedule. 

According to People, Cruise said in a deposition hearing for she lawsuit again Bauer Publishing the it was "impossible" because that him to see Suri throughout that time, and on peak of that, he claimed that the then 7-year-old seemed simply fine there is no him. ~ sharing that he"s "very good" at talk to his daughter ~ above the phone, Cruise added, "I likewise find that, girlfriend know, Suri is a really happy child, and confident, and also has a good sense of herself."

He further explained that, despite he to let go Suri"s an initial day of school, the was since his daughter didn"t asking him come be there herself.

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While Tom Cruise can have to be able to define why that didn"t watch Suri Cruise for 100 days, he then apparently missed out on seeing his daughter in human being for end 1,000 days. In 2016, In Touch Weekly reported that Cruise had not seen or exchanged words with Suri in end two and a half years. A source allegedly close come the instance told the publication that the pair had actually been using video clip chat and also text message to stay in touch yet that it had actually slowed down, before including that Suri no longer really bought her father"s explanations for why he was missing. The resource said, "He uses his film commitments together an excuse, however the fact is the doesn"t organize much weight with Suri anymore."

As in the past, some think that Cruise"s religious beliefs is the factor why he keeps absent out top top his daughter"s life. The same source told In Touch together much, noting, "He"s disconnected indigenous Katie, and also then de facto from Suri, because of her link to Katie. That hasn"t seen her because she was 7."

Despite Tom Cruise"s reportedly lengthy period that estrangement indigenous Suri, an alleged friend of his has proclaimed that the actor never meant to be so far removed from his daughter. While speaking to Hollywood Life in 2019, the friend described that, also though Cruise isn"t with Suri on necessary days prefer her birthday, he"s always planning because that them. The girlfriend said, "Tom does arrangement to send Suri a gift and also call her on she birthday."

The friend included that Cruise has actually a lot of love because that Suri, and that gift this distant from his daughter wasn"t something the anticipated as soon as he and also Katie Holmes welcomed Suri come the world. The friend explained, "Tom never intended to be estranged from his daughter once he determined to have actually a family with Katie and looks forward to repairing the connection one day."

While it"s unclear once Cruise will ever reconnect through his daughter, assuming the reports about their estrangement space true, one point that is definitely true is the the path obtaining to this point has to be long, winding, and, reality be told, fairly confusing. Perhaps the two will prosper closer once Suri is an adult.