Love that or dislike him, there"s no denying the truth that Tom Cruise is a bona fide movie star, one of the many recognizable (and bankable) A-listers functioning in Hollywood today. He"s regulated to keep a near-immaculate expert image because he make his debut together a fresh faced 19-year-old in the romantic 1981 drama Endless Love. However, the father of three"s personal life has regularly been shrouded in chaos and also controversy. His role within the Church of Scientology and also his seemingly facility relationship v his three children — two embraced and one biological, indigenous his 2nd and third marriages, respectively — has likewise been a hot topic.

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Cruise may be infinitely attractive (even his Mission: Impossible co-star and good friend Simon Pegg calls him a "mysterious figure"), but there are simply as countless weird and also wonderful points going on v his kids, and also a the majority of those things have tendency to acquire brushed under the carpet. From mystery Scientology summer camps to really public snubs, these room the uncomfortable points that civilization don"t like talking around when it pertains to Tom Cruise"s kids.

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Soon after ~ his divorce from an initial wife Mimi Rogers (the actress who supposedly introduced him come Scientology), Tom Cruise married Australian sensation Nicole Kidman, his romantic interest in the 1990 racing drama Days that Thunder

Years later, Kidman revealed that she wanted to begin having youngsters straight away, however it wasn"t meant to it is in — she went v a disastrous miscarriage not long after tying the knot v Cruise. "We shed a baby early on, so that was really an extremely traumatic," Kidman told Vanity Fair. "And that"s when it come that we would adopt Bella." Isabella obtained a small brother, Connor, when the pair embraced again two years later. 

The household unit Kidman and Cruise created damaged down in 2001, once the Hollywood power couple decided to end the marriage, and also the Aussie actress had actually a difficult time with her embraced kids in the years that followed. "My children don"t call me "mommy,"" Kidman told GMTV in 2007 (via E! News). "They don"t even call me "mom." They contact me "Nicole," which i hate and tell them turn off for it." 

To add insult to injury, the Daily Mail reported the Cruise"s following wife, actress Katie Holmes, allegedly declared Isabella and also Connor had begun calling she "mom" after simply two years in your lives. 

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Isabella Cruise"s birth mommy is stated to have been a practicing Scientologist who currently had two kids and couldn"t afford to look after ~ a third. According to the Daily Mail, the church associated her come Nicole Kidman and also Tom Cruise. Baby Bella was reportedly inserted in Nicole"s eight moments after being delivered, and also Tom supposedly continued to be up that very first night simply watching she breathe. Both parents plainly loved Connor with the same fervor, however following the split, Nicole became an outsider in her children"s lives, and rumor has it, she might not have had actually a choice. 

According to the Daily Mail, Nicole spent much of 2004 in Romania filming Cold Mountain. When she reverted from the shoot, she was allegedly told the the youngsters had been sent out off to a Scientology summer camp. Through 2005, Isabella and Connor were reportedly with their dad full-time and fully immersed in the church. Follow to the tab, Nicole watch "lost her youngsters to your father and his faith."

Nicole admitted the she felt depressed complying with the divorce and also threw herself right into her work to combat those feelings. She winner an Oscar because that The Hours in 2003, yet Hollywood"s most esteemed compensation did small to dull the pain. She told a women in the people summit (via the Los Angeles Times) the her Academy award "caused one epiphany." She recalled sit in the Beverly Hills hotel, holding her gold statue, "and the was every extraordinary, and I was the loneliest I"d ever before been."

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When former Scientologist and King that Queens star Leah Remini bumped into Tom Cruise"s adopted kids at his wedding come Katie Holmes in 2006, Isabella supposedly told Leah that she considered her mommy a Suppressive Person. Follow to, a Suppressive person is someone who will "goof increase or vilify any effort to aid anybody and specifically knife v violence something calculated come make human being beings an ext powerful or much more intelligent."

Leah recalled her awkward encounter through the Cruise kids in her book, Troublemaker: enduring Hollywood and also Scientology (via Now to Love). "When ns asked if she speak to she Mum, Bella scoffed and said, "Not if i can help it, she"s a f*****g SP". Connor simply looked out the window. There was something human around his silence and the sadness ns felt in it." 

Nicole Kidman has actually refused to publicly discuss the drama neighboring the church and maintains the she "utterly respects" Isabella and Connor"s decision to practice Scientology.

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At age 23, Isabella Cruise married 29-year-old British it consultant Max Parker in a Scientology ceremony at London"s glitzy Dorchester Hotel in September 2015. According to the Mirror, it was a low-key occasion — therefore low-key that also the parental weren"t invited. 

Bella supposedly attended she dad"s wedding to Katie Holmes and also was a bridesmaid at she mom"s wedding to Keith Urban, however when Parker was asked if that regretted that his bride"s parental weren"t in attendance at your nuptials, the groom supposedly said: "Yeah. That is what the is."

Tom Cruise apparently didn"t take it being omitted native the guest perform to heart. A source told People magazine, "None of the parents to be invited, and also Tom was entirely cool v it." Nicole Kidman was apparently in London preparing because that a West finish play at the time of she daughter"s wedding, however according come the Daily Mail, Isabella still didn"t desire her there. "Tom picked up the bill and paid because that everything, but it was made decision that neither he nor Nicole must attend together it would have actually turned the totality event into a circus," one insider claimed. 

Nicole supposedly met her future son-in-law at a private dinner prior to the wedding, and the newlyweds reportedly spent Thanksgiving and also Christmas through Tom that year.

Like his sister, Connor Cruise thrived up practicing Scientology and remains one active⁠ — and, apparently, pretty crucial — member that the church. Follow to the Daily Mail, Cruise lives a "jet-setting lifestyle" in Clearwater, Fla., residence of Scientology HQ. A church insider called the tabloid the Cruise"s yellow $50,000 Mustang GT is regularly seen at the key Scientology building. "It"s unmatched for any member to be permitted to park right external the key entrance," the resource said. "Connor must be receiving unique treatment due to the fact that of his father"s influence. The defense treat him prefer a god — lock look starstruck whenever the arrives."

Cruise"s Mustang (which gets valeted by a "lackey" every time he visits the Florida HQ, the Daily Mail"s insider said) was reportedly a gift from his father. Sources insurance claim that the Mission Impossible star additionally paid because that a $500,000 boat so Connor can go deep sea fishing, miscellaneous he"s clearly an extremely passionate about. As soon as he"s not at sea, he have the right to usually be uncovered in his swanky three-bedroom town house, located in an exclusive ar consisting mainly of Scientologists. Unless, the course, he"s traveling v his old man. Father and also son were photographed approaching a London helicopter pad in October 2019 (via People), and also they were supposedly in the UK as soon as the coronavirus pandemic hit. Follow to the Daily Mail, they "hunkered down" in ~ the Scientology HQ in West Sussex, a luxury facility that"s said to boast a Michelin-star chef amongst its staff.

When Nicole Kidman required to the stage at the 2018 gold Globes to provide an award acceptance speech, the was apparently her rotate to execute some snubbing. The Australian triumphed in the ideal performance by an actress in a limited series group after impressing in HBO"s critically-acclaimed drama, Big tiny Lies. The very first people Kidman mentioned in she speech to be Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, her daughters with nation crooner Keith Urban. "Sunny, Faith, i love you," she said. "I"m pass this house to you, babies."

The actress walk on to thank her co-stars, but there to be no cite of Isabella or Connor Cruise. As soon as she left the phase without acknowledging them, viewers quickly took to social media come express shock and also even anger. "Nicole Kidman"s ongoing refusal to acknowledge that she has much more than two kids seriously makes me sick," one user tweeted (via The Sun). Another pointed the end that this accused wasn"t the an initial time she"d left fifty percent of her youngsters out that her say thanks to yous. "She walk the very same at the Emmys last fall. Is she done being a mom to Connor and Isabella?"

According come Now come Love, the critical time Isabella and also Connor to be photographed with Nicole in windy was method back in 2007, when she was filming Australia.

Suri Cruise, born in April 2006, is Tom Cruise"s biological daughter with actress Katie Holmes. Mom and also Dad kept their tiny girl the end of the spotlight in ~ first, yet when she to be old enough to walk out and also about, she parents apparently made certain she wasn"t going to it is in upstaged. In 2008, Suri was called Hollywood"s sexy Tot by Forbes after ~ the toddler "received an ext blog mentions than any kind of other Tinseltown kiddie and was referenced in much more than 1,300 news articles." 

Her popularity was enhanced by a wardrobe that was supposedly worth a staggering $3.2 million, consisting of allegedly $150,000 precious of shoes. "Suri has actually so countless designer shoes," a source told Star newspaper in 2011 (via the Daily Mail). "She"s a massive fan the Marc Jacobs and also she"s had several shoes custom-made, so if lock didn"t come v a heel, Katie had them redesigned because that Suri. She i was delegated a pair the Louboutins for her a if back." 

Critics wondered about if a child should be permitted to stay high heels, and backlash mounted when Suri to be spotted in public wearing red lipstick. Papa Cruise defended his daughter"s grown-up appearance throughout an interview with Oprah Winfrey. "She likes to dress herself and also wears every little thing she desires to wear," the A-lister stated (via Marie Claire) "...A girl desires to stay what she desires to wear. I"m not going to tell she different."

When Nicole Kidman and also Tom Cruise split, their adopted children showed up to grow distant from your mom, and that to be something Katie Holmes allegedly wanted to avoid. Resources close to the Batman Begins actress claimed Katie supported Suri Cruise having actually a relationship with she father but feared he"d never put his child above his commitment come Scientology. Rumor has it that Katie decided to plan her departure in secret, in houses of maintaining continuous contact v her daughter.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Karen De La Carriere (a previous Scientology leader that left the church in 2010) said, "Katie ambushed Tom Cruise and also in so doing outwitted several of the most controlling civilization on Earth. ... She had to have planned this really carefully, right down to making use of disposable cell phones and laptops come throw civilization off she trail. It had to have been a an extremely cloak-and-dagger operation."

The very first move in Katie"s alleged escape plan was come fire Tom"s devout daughter, Isabella Cruise, indigenous a task at Katie"s garments line. "She was fired out of the blue, and also once Katie filed for divorce, it all made sense," a former church member told The Hollywood Reporter. "This to be a carefully planned ambush. Katie didn"t desire Bella working for she anymore since she was Tom"s kid." 

Once you"ve "blown" (a Scientology term because that leaving the church, according to one ex-member,) friend get reduced out entirely, and also that apparently goes for kids, too. Numerous insiders have actually speculated around how the church"s "disconnection policy" prohibits Tom Cruise from seeing his daughter with Katie Holmes, that is more than likely on the Suppressive person list. "He hasn"t checked out her since she to be 7," one resource told InTouch. Stack Ross, founder of The Cult education Institute and also an skilled on Scientology, told Hollywood Life that Suri"s dad probably considers she a PTS — a Potential problem Source.

The critical time Tom and his youngest daughter were photographed together was in 2013, the year after ~ Katie rocked the church with her high file divorce filing. Follow to former Scientologist and also writer Samantha Domingo, this could have to be an exercise in damages limitation. She told Us Weekly in July 2019, "Maybe the did it for a photograph op, to make it seem favor he was associated so that wouldn"t it is in criticized." Another source told the tab the Tom is actually enabled to see Suri for a set number of days per month, however he "chooses not to due to the fact that she is no a Scientologist." Meanwhile, yet another tab claimed roughly the exact same time that Tom and also Suri have secretly associated via a third party for years, and that she was possibly planning a surprise in-person visit. What go it every mean? Apparently, figuring out Tom"s connection with Suri is ... An difficult mission. 

Despite the alleged poor blood, Isabella and also Connor Cruise have actually never talked out against their mom publicly, and both have actually denied reports that they"re estranged indigenous her. 

When Connor was functioning as a DJ, he placed on some gigs under Under and attempted to set reporters straight around his partnership with Nicole Kidman. "I love mine mum," he told Women"s Day magazine (via E! News). "I don"t treatment what world say, I know that me and mum space solid. Ns love her a lot."

Isabella has additionally made she feelings ~ above those persistent estrangement rumors known. She told the Daily Mail that she continues to be in contact with both parents and also that "anyone who states otherwise is full of s**t." Nicole reportedly had an emotional reunion with Isabella in 2016, and relations have actually apparently to be improving ever before since. In 2018, Isabella released the BKC clothing line, which means Bella Kidman Cruise — that apparent nod to her mom made headlines. 

According to InTouch, Nicole is even helping her adopted daughter adopt a son of her own. "Isabella has actually her heart set on providing a son a possibility like she had," an insider claimed. "Nicole has been key in the process, putting her power into supporting Isabella and also Max."

Nicole Kidman didn"t acquire to view her daughter walk under the aisle, and also reports imply that she won"t it is in at she son"s wedding, either. Connor Cruise was apparently dating a non-church member in ~ one stage, yet an unnamed girlfriend of the DJ-turned-fisherman has told Radar Online the he"s now engaged to marry a "Scientology princess" called Silvia, an attractive Italian church member that relocated to Florida v her family. Insiders case that Connor"s famed father "adores" his potential daughter-in-law (the A-lister reportedly had actually a fun day out at Disney people with the happy pair in December 2019), but he reportedly doesn"t want Silvia to mix v his ex.

One church source claimed that Tom Cruise has actually made it absolutely clear the Kidman need to not be permitted to to visit the wedding, which will seemingly be a Scientologists-only affair. "Tom is behind this and what he wants is as great as law," castle said. "Tom do the call and Connor followed... Connor worships the soil his father walks on and also would never disobey Tom." The insider go on to say that Tom wouldn"t even entertain the idea that Nicole being involved in the Scientology-focused ceremony, ~ above account of she standing v the church — the actress is supposedly still taken into consideration a Suppressive person by the higher ups, and also by Tom himself. "He doesn"t desire her there," the resource added. "Tom turn his ago on Nicole a lengthy time earlier and he"s never looked back."

The people got to view just just how passionate Tom Cruise was about his faith in January 2008 as soon as a clip of the actor intensely explaining why it to be "a privilege to contact yourself a Scientologist" leaked and instantly went viral. The original video clip was displayed at a 2004 global Association the Scientologists meeting, according to Campaign, and also was never meant to be watched by the more comprehensive public. Cruise"s daughter had actually her very own version the this scandal in 2019, when a promotional email being circulated amongst church members make its means into the hands of journalist and also Scientology experienced Tony Ortega.

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The email consisted of a glossy portrait the Isabella Cruise and was composed by her personally. Follow to Ortega (who operation the blog The secret Bunker), it"s not uncommon for this "success stories" to it is in published, however this was the first time that Isabella had showed up in main Scientology promo material. In a long and rambling article filled v Scientology jargon, Isabella revealed the she ended up being an auditor for the church and urged rather to join her. "This is a gift come yourself and so countless others... If you space going to do it together a being for the lengthy run you need this. That"s the truth. Girlfriend won"t stay Clear or OT without it." She finishes the article by thanking she father for his unwavering support and also paying tribute to Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. "Thank you come LRH, on so numerous levels."

Because her mom does a good job of keeping her out of the public eye, it"s constantly shocking come see how much Suri Cruise (pictured over in march 2020) has grown at any time we carry out see her. As soon as Katie Holmes shared some rarely photos of Suri about the time of her 14th birthday in April 2020, the actor"s pendant couldn"t think how grown up she looked. "Oh my goodness, Suri looks choose a young woman!" one user created (via Hello!). "I"m quiet picturing her as a pre-teen." others were rapid to note just just how much Suri is beginning to resemble her mommy now the she"s a full-on teenager. "Suri is long-limbed like her mom," someone noted, while one more person stated they resembled "twins" in the snap.

Like twins, mother and daughter reportedly have a really special bond. "You"d struggle to find a mom-daughter duo who are an ext in sync v each other," a family resource told Us Weekly. "They"re a genuine team — their connection is a beautiful thing to witness." A 2nd insider declared that Suri is "well-liked" amongst her tight-knit team of girlfriend in brand-new York, and also she"s apparently pretty outgoing. The celebrity scion is reportedly "very naturally athletic and excels in ~ physical activities like gymnastics and dance." once Holmes speak to InStyle shortly after her daughter rotate 14, she revealed that they had actually "gotten with the type of girlie stage" of their relationship, adding: "My best goal has always been to nurture her into her individuality."