Tom Brady" career through the new England Patriots ends after 20 years; here" a look at just how it every went down

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Tom Brady is adhering to the path of other legendary quarterbacks prefer Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre and is leaving the team he will certainly be most known with. The six-time Super bowl champion announced ~ above Tuesday, in march 17 that he" be relocating on indigenous the brand-new England Patriots after two decades with the franchise and also " elsewhere" in the NFL. 

" every my teammates, coaches, executives and also staff, Coach Belichick, RKK and also the Kraft family and also the entire organization," Brady composed in a statement. " desire to say give thanks to you for the past twenty years of my life and also the daily commitment come winning and creating a winning society built on great values. I am grateful for all the you have actually taught me - I have actually learned indigenous everyone. You every have permitted me come maximize mine potential and that is all a player can ever before hope for. Every little thing we have achieved brings me good joy and also the class I have actually learned will lug on through me forever. Ns couldn" be the man I am now without the relationships you have permitted me to build with you. I have benefited from every you have given me. Ns cherished every chance I had to it is in a component of our team, and I love you every for that. 

" team has always collection a great standard in agree sports and also I recognize it will continue to do just that. Although my football journey will certainly take place elsewhere, ns appreciate every little thing that we have achieved and am thankful for our remarkable team accomplishments. I have been privileged come have had the possibility to recognize each and also everyone that you, and to have actually the memories we" developed together."

It" truly the end of an era. 

As Brady" days as a brand-new England Patriot space up, he now heads under to Tampa bay to it is in the next quarterback the the Buccaneers

Hello, Tampa Bay

Once word obtained out that Brady was going to leave the brand-new England Patriots, it became clear the the Buccaneers were in the driver" seat to soil TB12. ~ above Friday, simply a couple days ~ the begin of the new league year, Brady had his physical done and also made it official that that is heading to Tampa Bay. 

", humble and hungry," Brady composed on Instagram. " there is one thing I have actually learned about football, it" the nobody cares what girlfriend did critical year or the year before earn the trust and respect that those approximately through her commitment every single day. I" beginning a new football journey and also thankful because that the Buccaneers for offering me an chance to perform what i love to do. I look front to meeting all my brand-new teammates and also coaches and proving come them that they deserve to believe and also trust in me...I have constantly believed the well done is much better than well said, therefore I" not gonna to speak much much more - I" simply gonna obtain to work!

Introductory conference call

Brady was officially presented as the next Buccaneers quarterback during a conference contact on Tuesday, march 24. Under common circumstances, there would have actually been a press conference that would have presented Brady in ~ the team facility, yet the present COVID-19 pandemic has actually prevented that from acquisition place.

" is quite merely the biggest quarterback to ever before play the video game of football," claimed Buccaneers GM Jason Licht. " in totally free agency was our No. 1 priority this offseason since we knew he" be a perfect fit because that what we" do the efforts to do here. He" a Buccaneer this day not for what that did in the past, however what we know he can achieve here in the close to future as well." 

Head coach Bruce Arians additionally expressed his excitement to work-related alongside the ideal quarterback that has ever done the saying, "" to be very, very blessed to have actually coached and have been roughly some an excellent ones and now I have actually the greatest one the all-time."

As for Brady, he began by saying this to be " interesting moment for me in mine life" and quickly shifted emphasis to acquiring up to rate with the Buccaneers offense, which appeared to it is in a suggest of focus in his early comments. 

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" expectation for me is come come in and also do what i feel is best for the organization and also that is to be a great team player and also I" going to do every little thing I deserve to to get up to speed with every the things that I need to do and also what my responsibilities are," Brady said. 

When speak of his previous team in the brand-new England Patriots, Brady had actually nothing however fond points to say around the club, yet tried come steer clean of solely talking around his departure.

" leaving there through such an excellent admiration for the civilization in the organization," that said. " is a first-class company in every way and I want to leaving it that way, too." 

Contract v Buccaneers

CBS sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reports the Tom Brady" deal with the Buccaneers is for two years at $50 million completely guaranteed. He additionally has $4.5 million a year easily accessible in incentives. Coupled v the money, the contract includes language the does not permit the Buccaneers to profession him and also there space no franchise tags provisions. 

According to sports Illustrated, Tom Brady additionally has some postseason motivation in his new Bucs contract. He will earn $500,000 if he leads Tampa come the playoffs, $750,000 if that wins a solitary playoff game, and also things shoot as much as $1.25 million if that takes them come the NFC Championship and $1.75 million if that wins the game. If the Bucs success the at sight Bowl, Brady will see an extra $2.25 million.