Tom Brady is among the most commemorated athletes of every time. The 44-year-old quarterback had actually a impressive tenure with the New England Patriots, skyrocketing come celebrity standing while to win six Super bowl rings in Boston.

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The undisputed ?Greatest of every Time? has collected a fortune throughout his playing career in the NFL, amassing more than $260 million in salary throughout his 21 years on the gridiron. And also while most would i think an revenue like that would certainly make Brady the breadwinner in his relationship, that isn?t the case.

Tom Brady?s mam Gisele Bündchen, a Brazilian supermodel, is report to have actually a net worth the a staggering $400 million from she career in modeling. Astonishingly, her network worth is nearly twice as large as that of she husband.

While Brady has actually spent the past two years in the spotlight that the sports world as the brand-new England Patriots quarterback, Bündchen has long to be a leading force top top the modeling scene. Gisele deserve the location of highest-paid version in the world earlier in 2012, 3 years after she and also Brady bound the knot.

According come Forbes, Bündchen made end $45 million in 2012 alone, and also she when again took residence over $40 million from her modeling occupational in 2013. She’s to be on hundreds of magazine covers because that outlets prefer Vogue, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.

How did these 2 love bird meet?

Tom Brady’s mam Gisele Bündchen

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Tampa only quarterback Tom Brady and also supermodel Gisele Bündchen obtained married in February 2009 and had 2 ceremonies in Santa Monica, California, and also Costa Rica, just over two years after they originally met top top a remote date since of a shared friend in ~ the Turks & Frog alcohol Bar in brand-new York City.

Since the couple got together, they have ongoing their ascension come superstardom, but things could have to be a lot different for the well known pair had they not linked up ago in 2006, especially considering the esteemed dating background the signal caller boasts.

Prior to marrying his Brazilian version wife, Brady was at occupational morphing the Pats right into arguably the most leading dynasty in the background of the NFL under head coach Bill Belichick. And while the three-time NFL MVP to be wowing pan on ESPN and getting outcomes on the field as quarterback of the brand-new England Patriots, TB12 was likewise rather busy off that it.

Tom Brady’s an initial Wife & Ex Bridget Moynahan

Back in 2002, it to be reported the Brady had actually a fling through 1997?s Playboy?s Playmate of the Year, Layla Roberts. The partnership didn?t last an extremely long, and also Roberts ended up marrying man Hilsinki in 2004.


Shortly after, Brady was rumored to have had a month-long romance with actress Tara Reid. Reid, while showing up on KIIS 1065?s “Kyle and Jackie O” radio show, admitted that she and also Brady shared a kiss earlier in 2002.

Brady?s many renowned previous relationship (apart native his marital relationship to Gisele) was through Blue Bloods actress Bridget Moynahan. The pair were with each other from 2004-2006 and, rather controversially, have a kid together, man Edward thomas Moynahan. The goes through Jack.

The 44-year-old is also rumored to have had actually flings with a couple of other noteworthy women in the past, including former Patriots cheerleader Meghan Vasconcellos, Ivanka Trumpand Britney Spears. Believe what you want, though.

Gisele Bündchen date History

Tom wonderful was spotted with several noteworthy figures during his time as a bachelor, however the same can absolutely be said for model Gisele Bündchen, who’s done work-related for high-profile brands prefer Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

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Prior to conference Brady, Bündchen, who is from Brazil, to be famously in a five-year relationship with superstar Hollywood gibbs Leonardo DiCaprio indigenous 2000-2005 prior to they parted ways. Bündchen questioned her relationship and eventual breakup with DiCaprio in her autobiography, “Lessons: My course to a systematic Life,” i beg your pardon is accessible on Amazon.