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The iphone 7 doesn't have actually a built-in headphone jack, however you can use the contained headphones that plug right into the phone's Lightning port.Use AirPods or other wireless headphones. Pair the headphones, then collection the audio to play to them via the manage Center.Use Apple's Lightning come 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter to affix any set of wired headphones.

This post answers the concern "does the iphone 7 have actually a headphone jack?" and explains the various ways to connect included and third-party headphones to the iphone 7.

walk the iphone phone 7 have a Headphone Jack?

No. The iphone phone 7 series was the very first that go not have actually a headphone jack. Neither the iphone phone 7 or iphone phone 7 Plus had actually a headphone jack. All iPhone models due to the fact that then have also left out the headphone jack.

When Apple presented these models, it gotten rid of the headphone jack to permit the iphone phone 7 to be slimmer than previous models.

With the iphone phone 7 series, users have actually three alternatives for connecting headphones: Wireless headphones like AirPods, the apologize wired headphones had with the iphone 7 and plug into the Lightning port, or an adapter because that headphones v a standard jack.

how to usage the contained Headphones ~ above an iphone phone 7

The iphone 7 comes through headphones in the box. These included headphones plug into the Lightning harbor on the bottom that the iPhone. The just downside is you can't use that port to fee your phone, for example, if you're making use of the headphones. If you're happy v them, there's no must buy wireless headphones or one adapter.

just how to use Headphones top top an iphone 7: Wireless Headphones

A straightforward way to use headphones through the iphone 7 is to use wireless headphones. You deserve to use Apple's AirPods, that course, but you can also connect virtually any type of other set of Bluetooth-compatible headphones too. Here's what come do:

Put lock in pairing mode. Because that AirPods, this way pressing the button on the case. For other headphone models, above the instructions.

If you"re pairing AirPods, monitor the onscreen indict (or check out our comprehensive AirPods set-up guide).

If you're pairing third-party models, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Make sure the Bluetooth slider is collection on on/green.

When her AirPods or various other Bluetooth headphones room connected, make certain audio is going come them by opening control Center, tapping the audio playback controls, and then tapping the headphones if they"re not currently selected.

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just how to use Headphones top top an iphone phone 7: Adapter

If you've gained a pair the wired headphones friend love, you have the right to use those through the iphone phone 7, too. Every you require is an adapter. Apple selling a Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter the does simply the trick. This adapter plugs into the Lightning harbor on the bottom and offers a conventional headphone jack on the other end. Simply plug in your preferred wired headphones, and also you'll be listening as quickly as you push play. Prefer with consistent headphones, there room no onscreen setups to change—start play music, and you'll hear that in your headphones.