The 2021 tour Championship purse is collection for $46 million, v the winner"s share comes in in ~ $15,000,000 -- no the typical 18 percent payout follow to the PGA Tour"s prize money circulation chart.

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At the end of the tour Championship, the optimal 150 football player in the final FedEx Cup standings will be payment from the 2021 FedEx Cup bonus pool, through the winner obtaining $15 million.

While there is technically no purse because that the tour Championship, the fate that the tournament decides the FedEx Cup bonus swimming pool payout for the top 30 players. The amount of money top top the line is $46 million.

The tour Championship field is headed by Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas and also Jon Rahm. There room 30 football player in this no-cut event, which is the last leg the the FedEx Cup playoffs.

The event is played this year at east Lake Golf club in Atlanta, Ga.

What rather is ~ above the line: FedEx Cup points, OWGR points, exemptions

Beyond money, over there are important points, perks and also benefits on the line for the field -- in particular, the competition winner.

The winner the this occasion will victory the FedEx Cup and earn $15 million together the season-long champion that the PGA Tour.

The winner the the 72-hole competition without starting strokes it s okay 64 Official human being Golf Ranking points, v the points accessible based on ar strength. There is no main win or money connected with the achievement.

Winning comes through other big benefits, including a five-plus season exemption on the PGA Tour, too berths right into the 2022 Masters and 2022 PGA Championship, also next year"s Sentry tournament of Champions.

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2021 tourism Championship purse, winner"s share, prize money payout

1. $15,000,0002. $5,000,0003. $4,000,0004. $3,000,0005. $2,500,0006. $1,900,0007. $1,300,0008. $1,100,0009. $950,00010. $830,00011. $750,00012. $705,00013. $660,00014. $620,00015. $595,00016. $570,00017. $550,00078. $535,00019. $520,00020. $505,00021. $490,00022. $478,00023. $466,00024. $456,00025. $445,00026. $435,00027. $425,00028. $415,00029. $405,00030. $395,000

For 2021 tourism Championship results and payout, check out our final leaderboard

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