Spoilers forThe go Dead Season 10, illustration 9, “Squeeze” previous this point.

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Let’s be clean on one point up front: gendergeek.org is not in the business of kink-shaming. So if her kink happens to be getting your bone on in the woods while your partner wears dead human being skin, well… You understand what, ns take it back, that’s gross, (probably) illegal, and also certainly worthy that kink-shaming consideration. Why execute we bring this up? Well, the sexytime instance as described over is specifically what occurred on the The go Dead Season 10 midseason premiere, i beg your pardon featured may be the the very least sexy sex scene of all-time.

I say arguably because certainly there have actually been creepier or grosser sex scenes in film and TV history. Yet in terms ofThe wade Dead, at least, the lengthy awaited coupling the Alpha (Samantha Morton) and also Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to be nothing however recoil fodder. While most of the to run time was invested on Daryl (Norma Reedus) and also Carol’s (Melissa McBride) group’s harrowing escape indigenous a collapsing cavern complete of Alpha’s undead herd, up on the surface ar things were acquiring fraught in the Whisperers’ camp, together well.

Though it most likely wasn’t too daunting to figure out, Negan controlled to acquire in Alpha’s good graces through revealing that Gamma (Thora Birch) is the mole who told Daryl and also company around the zombie herd. V Gamma ~ above the run, Alpha brings Negan into the woods all by self — and for a moment, in ~ least, we view Negan together scared together we’ve ever before seen him. The blubbers and begs and peacocks a bit as Alpha provides him confront away from her and also strip off his clothes, certain this is the moment he’s walk to finally die.

…And then as soon as she asks the to turn around, she’s totally nude, too — other than for the abovementioned human skin mask. She speak him that a crass man deserves a crass reward, i beg your pardon is come say she’s walking to take it the skin mask come Whisperer town, if you understand what we mean. Almost immediately, Negan adjusts his demeanor, transforming into the snaky macho guy we hate to love. The asks if she’s going to take turn off the mask; Alpha asks if he wants her to take turn off the mask. He decides that no, it’s kind of kinky and he likes it. Besides, it’s to be a if (he’s been in prison because that a decade, so not many chances to lay the barbed wire bat, so come speak), and he’ll take it what he have the right to get.

The final shot that the duo in the episode is the two from the side, completely naked (except for the skin mask), kissing in the woods.

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It’s all pretty gross, yet what’s most fascinating around it from a fan perspective is the it’s a riff top top something that was implied, however never happened in the comics. There’s a standard cover toThe wade Dead #156, an worry that solely focused on Negan’s efforts to join The Whisperers, the featured Alpha in the skin mask and also Negan stop her favor they’re top top the poster forGone v The Wind. The implicitly to readers was clear, that 2 of the greatest villains inTWD history were walk to kind an alliance, both physical and spiritual.

That’s not exactly how things went at all in the book. The cover was a swerve, and in the comic Negan progressively ingratiates himself in the direction of Alpha, till he discovers the The Whisperers — who see themselves together no much better than animals — allow rape. To speak what friend want about Negan (and there’s a lot of you deserve to say around him), at the very least in his mind rape is a step too far. That storms off, Alpha follows him, and the scene that adheres to (the concern was created by Robert Kirkman, v art through Charlie Adlard) is paced out so the it seems favor things room leading up to the moment you check out on the cover. Alpha breaks down, recalling her own rape, and how she drove away she daughter. Negan virtually comforts she in this moment of weak — when suddenly the pulls the end a knife (the very same one she offered to him earlier in the worry once she reliable him enough) and also decapitates her. It’s revenge because that what Alpha did come the heroes, cut off their heads and also putting lock on pikes; yet it’s likewise a trophy Negan can use to lug to stack Grimes (who is still alive and present in ~ this allude in the book) come prove he’s reputable to their side.

The decapitation is likewise one of the an ext shocking moments in a book that has actually a surfeit of shocking moments. Alpha had been built up as the next large uber-bad, someone with even more resources and strength than Negan. And in one moment, he took the all away.

Will the TV display go a similar route? Possibly, an especially since Alpha ultimately trusts Negan in the same method she reliable him in the comics; and similarly, Alpha’s settle on the Whisperer method of life seems to be wavering. Top top the various other hand, the show has also been plainly building increase Carol together the key antagonist because that Alpha. So to take the revenge the end of Carol’s hands, and also put the in Negan’s, would certainly be dramatically unsatisfying.

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Whatever go happen, one point is clear: hooking up with someone while they’re attract dead human being skin is real, real gross.