If girlfriend haven’t captured ABC’s The View lately, you might have wondered just how the display has continued to be on the air in the coronavirus (COVID-19) era. In brief, the hasn’t been basic for the daytime regimen that generally runs live with four or five co-hosts.

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For starters, most of the co-hosts have actually taken to functioning remotely because that the second fifty percent of March. That’s resulted in some dubious fashion selections (like Meghan McCain in a Cardinals hat) along the way. And in happiness Behar’s case, the veteran co-host took time turn off from the display as a preventative measure.

But somehow, in a very Zoom-meeting sort of way, The View has continued cranking the end broadcasts with A-list (Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian West) and B-list (Newt Gingrich) guests alike. Not only that, The watch has flourished — at the very least ratings-wise — because the coronavirus outbreak.

The main of march 23 drew the best ‘View’ audience in 2 years



THE VIEW: Elisabeth Hasselbeck guest-hosted in march 2020. | Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images

While Whoopi Goldberg, McCain, clear Hostin, and guest co-host Sara Haines have mostly worked remotely, the layout of The View hasn’t readjusted much. You’ll still watch heated debates in the “Hot Topics” segment, celebrity interviews, and also even, uh, “View her Deal.”

From a production standpoint, the present has hit a couple of snags follow me the way. Take the march 31 broadcast that featured Hostin and also Haines back in the studio (for whatever reason). In an initiative to respect social-distancing guidelines, the 2 co-hosts sat at opposite end of the table while talking to Kardashian West.

KimKardashian West speak out about the physical altercation between her and sister Kourtney Kardashian ~ above the season premiere that #KUWTK and explains what obtained them to that point.“It was simply so uncharacteristic of us to really act like that,” she says. Https://t.co/gWnO6smvmY pic.twitter.com/AdSaX8wSPn

— The check out (

Let’s speak you simply flipped the channel come The View at that point. You’d have seen a clip that Kardashian West fighting through her sisters Kourtney ~ above an episode of their reality TV show. Climate you acquired the full view of the table v Hostin ~ above one side and Haines at the other as the sister flailed in ~ one an additional in the background.

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Seen with the sound turn off (as we at first did), it might seem prefer an SNL spoof the The View. However that wasn’t the case. You were watching the show at the finish of one of its most-watched follow me in years.

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