According to a news report, the Pentagon is paying because that an active-duty soldier's gender shift surgery. (Army)
In a first, the Pentagon will certainly pay for an active-duty soldier’s gender change surgery.

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First reported by NBC News, the infantry soldier, who identifies as a woman, to be to experience the surgical treatment on Tuesday. It would certainly be the very first operation of its sort to be authorized under a waiver that allows the Pentagon come pay because that the procedure.

The soldier, follow to NBC, received the Combat Infantryman argorial in procedure Anaconda in Afghanistan in 2003.

Citing defense officials, NBC reported the Navy angry Adm. Raquel Bono, head the the Defense health Agency, approved the waiver inquiry for the surgery on Monday.

“This afternoon, an active-duty military member obtained a sex-reassignment surgery. Armed forces hospitals carry out not have the surgical field of expertise to execute this kind of surgery, thus it was performed in a personal hospital,” Dana White, the Pentagon’s cook spokeswoman, said in a declare Tuesday evening.

The service member had already begun a sex-reassignment course of treatment, White said.

“The treating medical professional deemed this surgical procedure medically necessary, a waiver was approved by the manager of the Defense health Agency,” she said. “The Supplemental Health care Program will cover this surgical treatment in accordance with the department’s interim indict on transgender business members.”


Troops assistance Trump's transgender policiesBut much more than one-third that servicemembers surveyed additionally expressed major concerns with the president's comments in the direction of transgender troops.
In July, chairman Donald trumped tweeted the the armed forces would no longer “accept or permit transgender people to offer in any capacity in the military.”

The notice came around nine months after previous President Barack Obama’s management allowed transgender people to serve openly because that the first time. His administration also available medical solutions for gender dysphoria treatments and also gender reassignment surgery.


Pentagon release interim accuse on army transgender policyThe accuse will remain in effect until February 2018.
In September, the Pentagon outlined exactly how the department will certainly navigate transgender concerns until a decision is finalized on even if it is those company members will certainly be allowed to continue serving.

The Pentagon will present its brand-new guidance to president Trump top top Feb. 21 about how to implement his directed transgender ban.


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