In 2007, Mexico and the unified States produced the Mérida Initiative, a partnership to deal with crime and also violence and enhance the rule of regulation in Mexico.

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From fiscal year 2014 through 2018, the State Department and the U.S. Company for International development allocated around $723 million because that the initiative.

State projects contained training and also assistance because that Mexican justice sector, military, law enforcement, and border protection officials.

USAID projects had efforts to engage with mexican organizations and the public to address corruption, promote to trust in government, and also prevent crime and violence.


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What Found

From fiscal year 2014 with 2018, the room of State"s (State) office of worldwide Narcotics and also Law Enforcement affairs (State/INL) and also the U.S. Company for International advancement (USAID) allocated about $723 million because that the Mérida Initiative, which intends to reduce the impact of the drug profession on the united States and also reduce violence in Mexico. State/INL and USAID allocated this resources under the following government-wide international assistance capital categories: polite Society, Counternarcotics, good Governance, rule of Law and also Human Rights, and Transnational Crime. U.S. Agencies use these category to extensively define international assistance programs because that planning, budgeting, and reporting across agencies, countries, and regions. End 80 percent that the resources went toward dominance of Law and also Human Rights, and also Counternarcotics efforts. The the $723 million, State/INL allocated about $542 million and USAID allocated around $182 million.

State/INL and also USAID resources Allocated for the Mérida Initiative, budget Year 2014 v 2018, by resources Category


There to be 445 State/INL and also USAID Mérida plan projects active from fiscal year 2014 with 2018. State/INL sponsor 388 that the projects and also USAID funded 57, which had tendency to be bigger with greater funding amounts than State/INL projects. State/INL jobs generally focused on providing training and also assistance to mexican officials indigenous the justice sector, border security, military, and also law enforcement, as well as equipment, including for forensic medicine laboratories, drug detection, and also border surveillance. Plenty of USAID jobs were plan to engage with mexican civil society organizations and also the public to deal with corruption, promote to trust in government, or avoid crime and also violence, such as v skill-building for youth, initiatives to breakthrough human rights, or technical support for judicial system development. State/INL and USAID enforced their projects mainly through contracts, grants, and also interagency agreements, and through agreements with worldwide organizations, such as the United nations Office ~ above Drugs and also Crime and also the organization of American States.

Why did This Study

For much more than a decade, the activities of transnational criminal organizations have led to enhanced crime, violence, and lawlessness in components of Mexico. In October 2007, Mexico and the joined States developed the Mérida Initiative, a bilateral cooperation to resolve crime and also violence and enhance the dominion of law in Mexico.

State/INL and USAID are the command U.S. Organ for occurring programming because that the Mérida Initiative. Both State/INL and USAID likewise manage and also fund the Mérida Initiative through the support of a wide variety of project implementers, consisting of the department of Defense (DOD), Homeland protection (DHS), and also Justice (DOJ); contractors; nongovernmental organizations; and also international organizations.

See more: Dream Interpretation Being Pregnant With Twins, Dreaming Of Having Twins was asked to define funding and also projects the United says has listed under the Mérida Initiative. This report explains (1) State/INL and also USAID capital for the Mérida plan from fiscal year 2014 through 2018 and also (2) the number and type of Mérida initiative projects active during these years. reviewed State and USAID documents and also data, and also interviewed officials indigenous State, USAID, DOD, DHS, and DOJ in Washington, D.C., and also Mexico City.