When an extreme thunderstorm hit new York, a Twitter user recorded the moment when a huge lightning bolt to win the iconic monument.

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countless thought the the lightning striking the Statue that Liberty is quite symbolic given the continuous political upheavals in the US. (Source:
_Mikey_Cee/ Twitter)

A significant thunderstorm Wednesday brought heavy rain, flicker of lightning, and also thunder come the tri-state region of new York City, Newark and Jersey City. A video taken throughout the thunderstorm verified the minute lightning win the Statue that Liberty and also the stunning footage is now being widely shared online. Many on society media have called it a ‘sign indigenous God’ because of the current political scenario in the country.

Twitter user Mikey Cee recorded the moment when massive lightning bolt struck the top monument. The video was taken from a dock ~ above Ellis Island, and had end a million views in a couple of hours. It was likewise widely common by various other handles.

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The best video clip I ever captured. #NewYork #WeatherChannel #NYC pic.twitter.com/cOBqTqJ9LO

— Mikey Cee (
_Mikey_Cee) July 22, 2020

The clip reminded many about the 1984 movie Ghostbusters and also some also joked that the lightning should have actually “hit the White House”. Plenty of pointed out a similar event to be seen newly in the nationwide capital.

Welp. That’s spectacular https://t.co/P9rjdBkfA8

— Eric Fisher (
ericfisher) July 22, 2020

If friend don’t believe in indicators from God climate you aren’t paying attention. Pay fist