The star additionally shared some words of assistance for parental who might be worn out taking treatment of their children while quarantined.

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At this point, Dwayne Johnson have the right to probably sing “You’re Welcome” backwards.

The superstar, that played Maui in the Disney man hit “Moana,” mutual a video clip Thursday the him singing a tune from the movie because that his daughter Tiana, who transforms 2 ~ above Friday.

“And for the 937th time this day she wants daddy to sing together with Maui,” he captioned the clip. “She has actually no idea, we’re the same person. And also I have actually no idea what day it is anymore, however I am sure it’s one that ends with Y.”

Johnson, 47, additionally passed along some encouraging words to parental who are feeling the anxiety of being with their children all day, every day.


“To all the mama and papa bears out there walking thru that - we understand. 24hr parenting. Gain your sleep and cocktails once you can,” he wrote.

Tiana appears to just be going v the circulation for the majority of the clip, back she does break out a smile towards the end when her dad bounces she up and also down.

As the mentioned, Johnson has actually belted the end the song an ext than a couple of times for his small girl. Previously this month, he post another video singing “You’re Welcome” for her while to teach her just how to properly wash she hands.

While Tiana might be blissfully unaware that her father is the voice behind the song, she sister, Jasmine, 4, was not exactly blown away when Johnson told she last year that he played Maui.

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“I said, ‘You know, it is Daddy’s voice, and I’m walking to present you,"” he told People. “Maui beginning singing, and I then start singing, and within 10 seconds she’s trying to placed a pillow end my mouth and also says, ‘You’re damaging the song."”


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